Xiaomi Mi Mix, Galaxy S8, iPhone 8: the borderless screens will be really useful?

Since the announcement of the Mi Mix Xiaomi, the madness of the borderless screens gripped the web. We don’t talk about it, and rumors about the upcoming smartphones from Apple and Samsung, the iPhone 8 and the S8 Galaxy, are going well. But the borderless screens will be really useful? Users really expect such a change?

xiaomi mi mix visuel

Xiaomi unveiled last week a Xiaomi Mi Mix that has marked the spirits. Its major asset: its screen occupies more than 90% of the front of the smartphone. The smartphone is practically with no border. A technical feat that other brands could resume on their future models.

So, rumours about the Galaxy S8 speak a screen that would occupy 99% of the surface of the front of the phone. It would be curved on both sides and on the upper border. Samsung would go even further than Xiaomi, and we know that the Korean is able as it is precursor on the screens curved with its Edge models.

IPhone 8 could also adopt the fashion of the curved screens. For the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple would treat and would adopt a Amoled screen for the first time in its history , display which would also almost across the face before of the smartphone.

Three big names and one direction, that of the borderless screens. We know if Apple and Samsung do that then the borderless screens will become a standard. If the technical prowess is impressive, this trend is good for the user? we think not, and this for several reasons.

A bad grip

the Xiaomi Mi Mix has exceeded the limits of what was known. The best smartphones on the market display a ratio size/screen 80%, the Xiaomi Mi Mix exceeds the 90% . But to use, is it really useful? For the start, we have our doubts.

We have not been able to take in hand the Xiaomi smartphone and we believe that its design allows all the same to keep it well. It is indeed not quite borderless. In reality, there are micro borders that still allow a good grip of the smartphone according to the returns of the early testers.

xiaomi mi mix

but is only a trial, and we know, other manufacturers will certainly push the limits. Rumors are already talking of a Galaxy S8 with a ratio of 99% . Where to place our hands? Korean certainly master the technology but the laws of physics are what they are.

And the grip will necessarily suffer from such a size of screen . The Edge of Samsung models are already not always obvious to grasp with their edges curved, then with an additional border who marries the hull, run to the disaster in terms of comfort. And that’s not to mention the fragility of such a product.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: in reality, it would be much more fragile there air

of the risks of breaking

in terms of strength, having a face entirely dedicated to the screen is no longer risky. The Xiaomi Mi Mix also did demonstration . A first fall was relayed and we can see the extent of the damage.

And those who have already changed their smartphone screen know, it’s very expensive. The problem is that with a screen that marries all borders or almost, it will be difficult to avoid disasters, because any fall could prove fatal.

xiaomi mi mix casse

that the smartphone falls on the face before or on the borders, this is the screen which will most often. And such a screen, with this level of technical risk of really very expensive to repair. What is more, as the grip may be complicated, the risk of falling is increased. It is a kind of vicious circle. So yes, in image a screen like this is well and good, but in practice is another matter.

Higher prices

who says new technology says price increase. The price of the high-end smartphones increased considerably in recent years, but with a screen of such quality and with such a level of technicality, could still soar.

If everyone is not put there, it will be something different compared to the competition, and brands are paying the price hard their difference. Xiaomi offers, for example, its Mi Mix at a much higher price that all its other smartphones, even the high-end.

We can therefore say without too much risk that the giants that are Samsung and Apple will not hesitate to increase the invoice to take advantage of this technology. And the others will certainly follow.

But not a need for users

all these disadvantages would be more or less acceptable if such a screen was a real use in usage. Because ultimately, if not have a comfortable viewing while holding a compact terminal, what is the advantage of such a screen? There is not.

Today, users of other applications. they are demanding greater autonomy for example, and a larger screen in a compact design also leaves less room for the battery and so will necessarily impact on autonomy. And it’s going in the completely opposite direction of that claim users.

Ditto on the grip or fragility. These are elements that are dear to users. They pay their smartphones a small fortune, they have not want to spend 150 or 200 euros our replace a screen every two months.

Xiaomi Mi Mix: only 10,000 units produced every month, we have to be patient

even once, these borderless screens will allow brands to hold lectures punctuated ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’, but for users it won’t be that powder in the eyes . But for manufacturers, this will be a good reason to add the invoice.

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