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winbuntu_lgo when the info had fallen for the first time, it looked a little like a big joke and of course every time that Linux and Windows names are in the same text the trolls in had heart. So, think Windows shipping a Linux system it is a dream of admin$ and developer multi-os that you didn’t even have the right to do under threat of being turned into Apple… Only here, for some time, Microsoft opened on open source and Linux world and developments in this meaning hit very hard.


the PI has the merit of having introduced Linux for many users and that’s fine, but there to help migrate their pc to this os is another story. Simply for reasons of usability, compatibility of existing, providing software or just ease of use. So in order to have 2 os on the same machine, you had to either use questionable solutions, virtualization or resorting to the multi-boot. Since the anniversary update of August 2016, Microsoft threw a huge rock on the ice by offering ‘ Bash ‘. A console to use Linux through an API named WSL orders ( Windows Subsystem Linux ) based on complete Linux (Ubuntu) subsystem. So it is now possible to work (or fun) in Linux directly from Windows.



If your Windows 10 is updated, simply activate the mode ‘ Developer ‘. This mode offers additional Windows features which ‘ Windows subsystem for Linux (beta) ‘. To enable the developer mode, go in:

parameters > update and security > for developers and select Developer Mode.


after a restart, since the Control Panel > programs and features > turn on or off Windows features , check the box ‘ under Windows system for Linux ‘. Windows will ask you to confirm the installation, and then propose a reboot.


has this stadium the feature is installed. It only remains to install the linux os. For that, from the command line, run ‘ bash ‘. At first launch, you will be asked if you want to install the os, answer Yes. Once installation is complete, your Linux system is ready. You can start a console either by a command ‘bash’ or use the icon ‘ Bash on Ubuntu on Windows ‘ from the menu start .


what it does

the first satisfied will be the admin$ who have to manage the 2 systems. As admin$, be able to use commands Linux directly from Windows is definitely a plus. Developments will allow can be a true native SSH server and why not also a GUI Server (or we are, we can dream of all no?…)

for developers, it is also good news. Provide compile from Linux from Windows without resorting to cross-compile between several machine. I tested a few weeks ago this ‘bash’ solution that is associated with the development tools for Visual Studio Linux allowed me to develop and compile an app very simply. Linux from my IDE of regular work in Windows without having recourse to another machine or VM.

for IP users who want to discover and learn Linux, this will allow them to use all the comfort of a desktop without PC renounce their BONES favorite. Even though Ubuntu is not Debian, 2 distributions we a lot of similarities in command line and it is mainly for them that I think by writing this article.

more generally, this allows to use commands and turn very simply Linux Windows apps as if we were there. Nothing new if you look closely. Other solutions and hacks existed already, but this time, need tools third not always very reliable and simple to install, it is well a feature integrated natively in Windows. When a version of XBill installed default with Windows games 🙂



of course it’s still in beta but there is no doubt that it will continue to ripen. In terms of raw performance, where the solution Sin still compared to a Kernel Linux solution is particularly at the level of the fact records access time of the layer between the Linux and NTFS system but apparently it bump on this deficiency and that there will be a next update. On other points, the WSL equal and same solution comes to surpass the performance of my native as host explained article . It would seem that there is however some bug by here and there, but to this day, I still don’t have them (I must say that I do not use either). At the current time, it is not intended to run a production server Linux under Windows (even if it works), but who knows…


on the anti-M$ will still cry foul by refusing to accept that the devil can have penguins in her tent. Yet we have to live with this idea because Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation . Where laughing less it’s on the side of competition and especially at Oracle since MS decided to release the Framework.Net but also to SQLServer on Linux (Yes, you read well, SQLServer Linux ). Whatever it is we all always criticized MS to be too closed and too owner and it is clear that this reproach is crumbling more and I think it’s rather good news for makers of all kinds, and codobricoloux so WE. Side pro, I am less optimistic, but we’re not here to talk about job huh…

I had already out my favorite joke: install Wine, it’s like throwing a Penguin by the window. If I had to put it to the taste of the day, I would say maybe: WSL, it kinda put a penguin on the tile … 😉

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