WIKO: how the French brand has emerged to the Giants Apple and Samsung

Wiko, the french manufacturer of smartphones has managed to win in a few years as the number 2 on the market. The brand has managed to rise before the giant Apple and just behind the undisputed leader Samsung. But how a young brand made to conquer our market? Answers in our folder.

wiko ufeel prime autonomie

WIKO arrived in five years to take a place on the podium of the largest sellers of smartphones in France. On the podium just found two global giants of the sector: Samsung and Apple. Contrary to what one might believe, the two monsters are not the two best manufacturers in France.

If Samsung remains the undisputed leader, Wiko took the place of second before the American Apple . Portugal Wiko is also 2nd, ebn Italy 3rd, and 5th place in Europe. A performance that says a lot about the winning strategy of Wiko. The french manufacturer has bet, like the Chinese, on smartphones to the unbeatable quality-price ratio. Successful bet! And the brand will not stop there.

As for 2011, Wiko has doubled its number of smartphones sold. Contacted by our editorial staff, Wiko is quite proud of this quick success. The brand says that in 2014 Wiko sold 4 million smartphones in France. In 2015, the company reached the 8 million units sold. In 2016, the year is not over yet, Wiko has already reached 15 millions of sales . And the most important month of the year has not yet passed.

This success, the brand did not itself. Who would have thought that a French brand would be able to dethrone the giant Apple? Analysis of the reasons for this success.

A stroke of genius

Wiko Ufeel bonus that we tested evidenced, Wiko put on smartphones to the good quality-price ratio. As Chinese manufacturers, the firm took the gamble of the smartphone at a small price. But the two founders of the company, Laurent Dahan and Michel Assadourian, had a stroke of genius by focusing on this niche first. In 2011 Free Mobile does not yet exist as smartphones still sell mass among operators.

At the time, the creators of Wiko are convinced (rumours helping), market operators in France will be upset, a new player will make my entrance and will revolutionize the business model. The pair then rely on smartphones to small price which may be sold without a package to the more modest consumers.

In 2012, Free Mobile made its entry on the market. This is the revolution of mobile in France. Each year, the share of smartphones sold without package continues to rise. WIKO sniffed the right shot and reaping the benefits of my boldness. In France but also abroad since its economic model works everywhere where the company moved.

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Smartphones to the excellent price

but how the brand is to offer such affordable smartphones? She works with China. We spoke with an officer of the company who insist on the fact that Wiko is french. Yet, the brand is often accused to figure that an intermediary, to order smartphones to a Chinese manufacturer (Tinno) and affix its logo.

This is absolutely not the case. Here again, during our conversation with Wiko, we have spoken of this point. In reality, Wiko works exactly as can Apple . Wiko smartphones are designed in Marseille, at the headquarters of the company. Designers, engineers, marketing etc. teams are part of the 220 employees of the brand in France (Wiko employs also 500 other people in the world).

WIKO works just like Apple or any other manufacturer today. For example, the Cupertino company designs its smartphones in the United States and asks its Chinese partners to produce the iPhone. What also made Apple one of the targets of Donald Trump . But for the general public, it’s not inconvenient that Apple thinks American brand. So why call into question the status of French brand of Wiko?

However, it is important to note that the Wiko-Tinno partnership is more important than the one between Apple and Foxconn. The Chinese brand has chosen to invest in the French company rising in 2012 while no investor believed in her. Today Wiko is a Franco-Chinese company, but its seat is of french, smartphones design made in France and SAV is also based in France in a center based in Marseille. In its DNA, Wiko is a French company.

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a Service in full transformation

we had the opportunity to speak of the Service of Wiko problems in a folder “Consumer Council”. Since then, we have to discuss this point with the brand. And the least we can say is that Wiko is completely transparent on this point.

Yes, Wiko had Service problems, but the brand is working to improve its customer service. Because in fact, Wiko does not have a failure rates higher than its competitors. On average, Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple and others have failure rates between 4 and 5%. WIKO in turn displays a failure rate between 3 and 5% provides the company.

On the other hand, the brand recognizes this management of these failures known from big jarring which have enormously scratched the image of the company. The french know-how took a hit. Fault confessed half forgiven? For some Yes, for others it will take a little more time.

Wiko se débrouille aussi plutôt bien en marketing

WIKO is doing as well in marketing

but Wiko spares no efforts. The company says its customer Service problems with transparency. At the beginning of the adventure, the brand was not ready , she did not expect such a success. Sell millions of units in the early years was absolutely unexpected.

The company had one person to take care of all products down, then two. The majority of problems coming from spare parts, had to order and then assemble, which could take months, spare parts from China. Therefore had to take the next step

today ‘ today, Wiko assured him, everything is done to improve the service. A complete repair center has been created, in Marseille , a site of great magnitude to meet different failures. Because 3% of breakdowns on 15 million units sold it is even 450 000 products to repair. Suffice to say there are spare parts on hand, and the hands that go with together.

WIKO knows that, once this problem was resolved, my image will only get better. But it will take time. But when one sees that in five years just the brand has managed to beat Apple, we say that Wiko has resources to go to the next step.

Besides, the company has announced that she was moving in the BtoB . And to address the professional market it must be sure to ensure at all levels. WIKO seems ready to explode again a little more competition which did not come + 780% of the French brand growth during the past four years. What jealous over a and make confident Wiko who is already on the 5th place world builders within a few years.

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