Why Snapchat takes pictures of lesser quality on Android

Snapchat became one of the social networks and/or most popular live chat on mobile platforms, including applications with the ability to take photos and edit them in some funny effects. But why the photo quality is much lower on Android than it is on iOS for example? Explanations.


smartphones are capable of a lot of things and can replace a conventional computer for many daily uses consult internet websites or e-mails. However, mobile phones have not forgotten their first use: socialising.

That’s why the market chat applications, which replace the SMS has become too old and limited, is one of the most devious for anyone who wants to conquer its place. Snapchat will however managed this tour de force by highlighting photos ephemeral and customizable wish.

Many use the app on Android as alternative to WhatsApp also, in making their main tool of chat between friends. But one truth remains on our favorite BONE: the quality of the photos remains lower than that of iOS for example, or instagram on Android. Why is that?

Snapchat photos are less good than other Android applications

since the appearance of Android Lollipop 5.0, developers have access to the API Camera2 that allows them to take complete control of the features of a given photo sensor. As a result, it is possible to take full possession of the capabilities of a phone to come out the best picture possible.

For example what does the Instagram app, which then lets out the best possible shot depending on your phone. To be high quality, without any compression, to retouch images.

Snapchat doesn’t work in the same way. Indeed, he does not use the API Camera2 but merely just to access the view of your sensor and save it. As a result, quality is much lower, since it does not truly use the sensor and extremely compressed. Understand that the application does that take a screenshot of what your camera sees, and not take a real picture.

snapchat retour chiffres phenomene

Snapchat photos are not as good as on iOS

develop an application on Android requires to make its application with a slew of phones compatible to different configurations. Develop on iOS requires to make its application compatible with… the iPhone.

Snapchat has chosen the path of the “screenshot of what the photo sensor sees” to avoid this problem of programming under Android. On iOS, it has of course all optimized to ensure maximum quality. The distribution of Android done that many devices are still under a version lower than Lollipop, making the use of the API impossible Camera2.

Rather than choose to make its the best application, the developer has simply chosen… ease. No, the lower quality of Snapchat’s not your phone, or even Android. Only of the developer, which may invest in order to make its application more powerful on the most used OS in the world but does not.

How do I fix this?

Please understand that the ball is only in the developer camp. In itself, its solution to focus on recording the flow of the sensor is not bad se since it allows a better general compatibility and a lower development cost.

But this is done at the expense of the Android user base, which has the right to ask for more. Also would it make a difference on the side of these. Ask massively, and respectfully, snapchat to take into account our platform more seriously… hoping they finally meet our grievances.

After all, the developer is now in a health such that it can afford to create extremely sophisticated capture glasses . It is therefore time to take the platform seriously.

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