Why I think that Huawei can quickly become the No. 1 global

Huawei is ambitious? It is a matter of point of view. When you’re sure you can do something, it is not ambition but self-confidence. It is only in case of failure that we see if this self-confidence was deserved or exaggerated. In other words, we have here a few months if Huawei is a company really ambitious or just perfectly aware of its potential.

Whatever it is, several items make me think that the confidence that Huawei has in itself is not exaggerated and that it can achieve its objectives. Huawei is the leading Chinese manufacturer and the third at the international level, in other words it is a giant who, contrary to what the skeptics, knows several markets to handle. Nearly half of its sales are made outside China’s borders, and a good part of them in Europe. Otherwise, the influence of the Chinese market is strong but is not central to the strategy of Huawei.

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the Huawei Mate 9 will be better than the iPhone 7? © AndroidPIT

a system that works

Apple is often criticized, but if there is one thing that can not remove him, it is the success of its production system. It is based on the i ncorporating portrait , the items are manufactured by suppliers who came together under the banner of the manufacturer (at least the project of construction of phone). This model which has proven, Samsung uses a similar model, producing for example itself its Exynos processors, and Google opted for a similar strategy on its Pixel. Huawei is also in this logic, for example making himself its Kirin processors through the years subsidiary.

What’s the point of this strategy? By procuring the equipment / components in their own subsidiaries or their partners, companies avoid having to buy them from third-party vendors that may make them pay a high price. Of course, some manufacturers must pass by others to get some technologies (e.g. Apple bought at Apple processors through partnerships) but they try to minimize the costs to a minimum. With this strategy, Huawei goes to maps to maximize revenues / profits, which obviously increases the investment potential which will result (ideally) by innovative products / quality, so to ensure sales etc.

the problem that Huawei in the West is that it is less known that Apple and Samsung as a manufacturer of smartphone and suffers from the image of the bad Chinese manufacturers. It costs well change that: a part of the budget shall make him talk on a large scale. For example, he invited in one of my lectures not only high-tech trade press, but also the larger newspapers in order to ensure that the ordinary people will hear of him. Yes, the marketing budget is paying off.


a few years ago, the stands of Huawei in major conferences (of type MWC) were not particularly large. Of course, the budget allocated to them allows to have bigger stands and to attract more people, but is not the only reason that explains why more and more people are attracted. The growing success of Huawei in Europe attracts more and more customers and professionals (journalists, specialists in technology etc).

Just a little over a year ago, Huawei had experienced a 63% increase in its sales of smartphones in China alone it was 81%. The summer last, figures for the beginning of the year had been provided: 40% increase in the level of sales. In other words, is more and more demand so Huawei produces and sells more smartphones.

Rather Huawei Mate 9 or S7 edge?

You have chosen undefined. What is that your friends will choose?


Huawei Mate 9

Galaxy S7 edge

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Enhancing the reputation of Chinese manufacturers

in General, Chinese manufacturers suffer a bad reputation: bad material quality, spyware and many other things. It is obvious that some unknown or unpopular manufacturers, as well as some dealers, can be problematic. Overall, the Huawei smartphones are not worse than others. We have recently seen with Samsung and Apple: a manufacturing problem can happen to all manufacturers, even the most reputable.

I had already discussed the issue in the article below, feel free to take a look if you want to read more on Chinese smartphones and what they are accused.

However, the reputation of the Chinese smartphones improves with time. The interest of users for Chinese manufacturers (thanks to prices that are usually less expensive than the competition) and the interest of the manufacturers for the European market have pushed manufacturers to make efforts. In terms of quality, the idea that Samsung or Apple is better than others may soon disappear. Number 3 is a good alternative to the first two.

The reputation of Chinese smartphones improves over time

what do you think?

Software interface in net progress

the software interface to Huawei, EMUI, is often criticized. On the one hand, he was accused of being a “Iosise” Android, that is to say a system based on Android but modified to resemble iOS (perhaps under the influence of the Chinese public). On the other hand, updates take a lot of time to be deployed on devices. Of course, this second point is related to the first.

That said, we could see with 9 Mate that things have changed. I would not venture to say that EMUI is close to Stock, but at least we have the pure Android. As my colleague Pierre, “Huawei has made serious progress in the level of the software interface” said. Regulars of Android will be less confused. Regarding updates, my colleague Eric had an interview with the vice president of the brand, which had confirmed that the updates will be faster. What more?

changzhu li huawei p9 1
Changzhu Li promised us faster updates on EMUI 5. © ANDROIDPIT

of course, there is still the way to go, but Huawei is rather well. What do you think? The manufacturer happens to Pierce?

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