What will still annoy users Android in 2017

the years pass but little change in some areas. After the problem of the Snapdragon 810 that heated in 2015, 2016 has still experienced a scandal with the Galaxy Note7 . There are so few problems for Android. Unfortunately, everything will be solved as fast we can hope. Disappointments are likely to subsist once again next year. 

no, the batteries will not be revolutionaries

since the appearance and the democratisation of smartphones, users were also unanimous: the autonomy of the smartphone is never enough and must absolutely be improved. The concepts and new technological revolutions are not lacking in this area and every year manufacturers promise us wonders in this area. It is clear that, in the end, the promise is never kept. 

Unfortunately, 2017 is unlikely to be very different and the autonomy of the smartphone will not progress in an exceptional manner. It will therefore still yet settle between one and two days of endurance.

AndroidPIT Smartphone Overheating 2588
Unfortunately, the revolution in self-government will not happen in 2017. © AndroidPIT

Yes, we still expect Android Nougat

no, you’re not dreaming. The problem of delay of updates has yet not been resolved this year. Google has threaten manufacturers publish a ranking of shame, in which he ranked the manufacturers based on the updates they offer. The situation is still at the same point. 

Android Nougat is official since the end of August but unfortunately, those who benefit from the last update are for the moment very small minority. Apart from a few Motorola and Google (Nexus and confused Pixel) smartphones, most users are still waiting for the deployment of the update on their phone. Worse, some are still in wait of Android Marshmallow launched more than a year ago.

AndroidPIT Android N Nougat 2476
many people have still not received Android 7.0 Nougat. © AndroidPIT

the fragmentation is certainly one of the most popular Android and more prone to controversy. The open nature of the mobile OS from Google is that the task of phone manufacturers to upgrade their terminals to new versions of the OS is not always easy as you might think . For the moment, the only real solution found by Google is buying its Pixel to whom it provides two years of updates. This may be suitable for many users, but the Mountain View company should market it worldwide and no book to a few countries only.

Who’s buying too early will be always punished by the lower prices

is also a chestnut of Android. First-time buyers are always those that are the most penalized. The Mobile World Congress 2017 early March will mark the start of a new generation of smartphones which should respect this tradition. 

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s8 hero
the Galaxy S8 is expected by many Android users. © AndroidPIT

then, Yes, the news are always attractive and it is tempting to crack since, as the popular saying, when you love says there are no. However, if you are looking to buy a new smartphone, the time is your best ally and many bargains can be made several months after the release. 

War Android – iOS risk to reach its peak

the phenomenon of fanboys is not new but 2017 might mark a high point in this war of trolls. 2017 mark the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone and the next generation of smartphones Californian indeed should mark according to the latest rumors. Android, including Samsung, my main and best enemy, have so designed to anticipate the new features of the iPhone 8. 

So be prepared again to a merciless battle between fans of Android and iPhone fans. Fortunately, this fraction of users is not a majority, but I am sure that this year she will be particularly vehement.

Best price: Apple iPhone 7

best price

AndroidPIT huawei mate 9 vs iphone 7 plus 1141
the war between Apple and Android is going to be a peak in 2017. © AndroidPIT

the struggle of fanboys is certainly fun when we observe these spills of hate and bad faith. We can get out the popcorn and watch these struggles without end, but it can also be painful when we come to discuss or inquire in good faith. Everyone dislikes the verbal jousting to no end! And there are strong bet that 2017 does not spare.

And you, what disappointments do you anticipate for the coming year?

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