What is the best Android from 2016 you game?

since the year will end soon, it’s time to take stock. Many games are released this year and many to test them and talk about it in our articles. Among those who have emerged this year, which has you most?

it is of course difficult to pick a game in particular, especially in a list where the genres are mixed. That said, there is probably one that you enjoy more than others, you want to take on an island deserted (although there was no electricity there). Here is our selection to you to express yourself through the survey and via the comments if you want to justify your choice. 

The most popular are probably four games discussed below but you’ll find much more low in the poll.

AndroidPIT pokemon go 8950
the game the most popular year-round, but is it your favorite? © AndroidPIT

Pokémon GO

Impossible not to have heard of this game: Pokémon appeared in our world. Hunting is open to you to go pick them up in the nature outside your home. If the game has lost its luster, it has allowed augmented reality to be more popular than it was before the launch of the game…

FIFA Mobile Football

the famous FIFA game is again about him, this time on Mobile with the FIFA Mobile Football game. Take care of your team, play matches and win victories, solo as well as online. Football fans will find their account as the world of football is well represented.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

here’s a pretty original game since you no not leading a character but two. This unique gameplay is confusing at first but medievalo fantastic universe of the game makes us quickly addicted, that said the price of the game (5 euros) might again some users.


this game is my favorite from the list. You will find a medieval universe and play as nothing less than a King! The goal is to rule for as long as possible, which is not an easy matter since you have to manage different aspects of your Kingdom through decisions directly from your smartphone.

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