[Tutorial] the smart unlock

with the Smart Lock, translate the smart unlock, equip your mobile to secure alternative locking systems.

the unlock smart, accessible from parameters > device security > Smart Lock uses various means and interactions to make easier the locking/unlocking of your mobile device. The goal is to encourage users to focus on orders for secure unlock (diagram, PIN code…) instead of the simple swipe of a finger on the screen. The Smart Lock makes unlocking linked to these different modes as easy as with the simple swipe of a finger on the touch screen. Your smartphone brings its various sensors (GPS, movements…) and connectivity (Bluetooth…) to implement these methods of unlocking.

in addition to the geographic location or the presence of a trusted device nearby (your band, a speaker Bluetooth…), Smart Lock rule your mobile so that it locks once out of your pocket, as soon as you set it on a table for example.


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