[Tutorial] share data by ultrasound

service near Google’s almost part of the furniture. It’s what allows to locate devices not far from yours: smartwatch Chromecast, Tablet, smartphone (same iOS)… The technology uses a mixture of Wi – Fi, Bluetooth (low consumption or not) and ultrasound, which makes it usable even without NFC.

the application of Radon uses nearby to offer a simplified exchange interface. It is possible, for the moment, to share Web links only. To receive them, that each concerned device installs the application, which will launch the necessary connections and open the Web page or the video sent. The advantage of Radon, it is it sends its data to all mobile and Tablet near, at the same time.

you need either of “stick them” back to back or press the screen at a time of the operation (except for open the app of course). Very convenient, Radon suffers from some bugs, but with a commissioning end April 2016, could not hold that against him. If the developers can integrate file sharing, Radon could become a ‘must have ‘.


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