Tutorial: How to trigger automatic actions by geolocation

we have already told you about IFTTT application, to automate actions from your smartphone. For example: receive an email with the news of the day in the morning, automatically post your Instagram Facebook photos, receive an SMS if it’s going to rain, etc. Among all the available conditions, Geolocation is quite hazardous running randomly, and lack above all to further options. The LIFTTT application fixes. That requires an account on IFTTT and dedicated to the triggering of actions by geolocation, she adds more conditions to the latter. For example, you can define a scope in which the action will take place (at 500 metres from the address, at 25 meters…). To receive an e-mail with the content of the meeting in the morning before getting to work or even save this document on Google Drive leaving the offices, LIFTTT will satisfy you.


a limited free version LIFTTT is free, but it will then include advertisements and will be mostly limited to a single active rule at a time. To remove the ads and be able to create as many rules as you want, it will go to the full version for 2.39 euros.

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