[Tutorial] how to manage its downloads more easily

you’re the type to download many files on your mobile device? You struggle you navigate between your videos, photos and images? Try the Advanced Download Manager app to see more clearly.

for a layperson, the Android Download Manager can be a problem. A slip of the finger too in the notifications pane and hop, you know where the downloaded file is, if it was downloaded in its entirety… the Advanced Download Manager application comes somewhat facilitate the management of downloads on Android. In a few taps, you change the destination of all your downloads folder since this last (to finally know where they land). Stronger yet, the app allows to automatically categorize all the files that you retrieve. Thus, images are in the pictures folder of the app, the videos in the videos directory… a logic which is not respected on Android and requiring you to use a file as file explorers ES Manager to navigate.

the only pitfall of the application remains the obligation to use the browser built into it to start downloads. Nothing prevents you to copy and paste to overcome this obstacle.

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