[Tutorial] how to find its notifications erased by mistake

to make fast (and not necessarily good), your finger has ripped and you erased, by mistake, a notification o important. Don’t panic! Here’s a little trick that you will be undoubtedly useful.

a mail, a message, a missed call notification Candy Crush for free candy… in trying to free the memory live on your mobile or wishing to keep in order the latter, surely happened to act hastily and to clear all notifications for the shot. Rather than rant against your smartphone and throw violently against a wall, try instead this trick. Since Android 4.3 Android, there is a small trick to access the log of its notifications. The latter, as a historical, does list all the notifications you received. Unfortunately, you cannot interact with these notifications stored in the log. You must open the application on your own to deal with possibly (if this is important) information provided by the notification.

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