[Tutorial] create my own video game

nostalgic Mario on NES and Super NES, rejoice! Platforms at the former lovers who have exhausted all the games of the genre on Android can now create their own levels.

everything goes through the application draws your video game, whose principle is simple. You draw on a white sheet to your level, using 4 colors. Black for the limits of the level (walls, floor…), blue for the destructible elements, green for bouncing platforms and red for everything that kills you as soon as you touch it. You take then a photo of the sheet, you place the character controlled in the right place and the app takes care to make all playable!

in the free version of draw your game video, you can create 2 levels only. And when you lose, you watch an advertising video for at least 5 seconds before continuing. Rather painful in the long run, even if play bring pencils to spend to skip commercials or buy new characters. On the other hand, all the creations of the community are accessible, even that campaigns (a succession of levels created by developers). The paid version €1.99 also lets you draw directly on mobile.

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