[Tutorial] all about CYANOGENMOD 13

with version 13, CyanogenMod brings the latest news of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on many smartphones, even abandoned by Google or operators. But the idea is not to offer a ‘stock’, as on the Nexus experience. CyanogenMod is full of personalization options, increased on the display, sound, security, controls or additional applications. Before begin you, check that your model is supported on https://download.cyanogenmod.org. It is possible that the only available versions are stamped “Nightly” and not “Stable”. They may have a few bugs but are mature enough for normal use, on a daily basis.

Google, it’s over

CyanogenMod 13 is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) of Android version. The direct consequence is the end of the Google (Play Store included) application support. The solution is to install, in addition to the ROM, a ‘package’ includes the files necessary for their operation. You will find them on the http://opengapps.org site. Choose the platform of your device (ARM, ARM64…) and a type of package. “Pico” includes just the compatibility files and Play Store (you can install other Google Apps later), while ‘Stock’ installs all apps from the Mountain View company. Attention: ‘Stock’ replaces everything. You will have more access to the CyanogenMod 13 application launcher or its Web browser, for example. Carefully read the descriptions!


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