[Tutorial] 12 tricks to master Snapchat

deuxieme the most used social network in France by people aged 15 to 24 in 2015, behind Facebook. Snapchat, in 5 years of existence, can boast of having conquered my audience in a time record (Twitter gets third place, despite 10 years of seniority). That you be yourself user or not, you have probably heard of principle.

take a photo, send it to your friends, and she will self-destruct itself after a few seconds. On this basis, Snapchat said the filters, videos (10 seconds maximum), instant discussions, which also fade to closing the application, the ‘story ‘… A whole bunch of features grouped under one banner: the ephemeral. Or rather, the theoretical ephemeral, screenshots and other systems of records working fine on Snapchat. Still, the user is notified of your action.

Despite this potential drift, the social network has been acclaimed and today contains many functions. Starting from the principle that you master the basics of Snapchat (take and send a photo/video), here are some tips which you might not expect the existence.


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