Top 5 best selling smartphone of all time

today ‘ today, everyone or almost has a smartphone. Manufacturers sell millions each year with top Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. Each year, a few models stand out in terms of sales, but what are the models that have broken all records in the history of the smartphone. Response in our top of the best-selling smartphone of all time.


the end of the year approaches, the opportunity for manufacturers to explode all the scores of smartphone sales. The month of December is certainly the most important of the year for all brands who want to break all records.

But on a Smartphone market reached maturity, difficult to continue to beat the previous performance. If the iPhone had its hour of glory, Apple records for several successive quarters of sales down . A symbol.

Samsung with the fiasco of the Galaxy notes 7 should not blow all records this year. Because let’s face it, smartphones have been sold since the first model the recorded impressive scores. The point in showing you the 5 top-selling smartphone of all time.

iPhone 4S: 60 million of sales

iphone 4s ios 9 5 millions apple

released in September 2011, the iPhone 4S is the successor of the great iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S remains in the minds of all because it is the last iPhone that Steve Jobs will be able to take care of since he died the same year.

More powerful, faster and with a better camera that iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to integrate Siri . It has sold 60 million copies and became the best-selling iPhone of all time.

iPhone 5: 70 million models sold

iPhone 5S iPhone 5S

Finally it was true before the arrival of the iPhone 5. As the first iPhone released under the leadership of Tim Cook has beaten the record sales of the iPhone 4S. It must be said that there was new at the level of the format.

Indeed, the iPhone 5 was a little bigger than the iPhone 4S but not wider to still be used one-handed. Finer, its design has also been reviewed completely. He is obviously powerful and my camera even better. Successful bet to Tim Cook, who has seen the iPhone 5 take 70 million copies.

Galaxy S4: sold 80 million copies

Le Samsung Galaxy S4 à seulement 555 euros chez PriceMinister [EXCLU]

first Samsung in this ranking and third on the podium of the best-selling smartphone of all time. Galaxy S4 announced early 2012 and was released in April of the same year. Rival Apple, Samsung succeeds my shot with my star smartphone.

Available in 4G, the Galaxy S4 offers a screen of a camera above the rest with 13 megapixels and 5 inches . Samsung integrates the best of what he can do. Galaxy S4 is very powerful, it has a unique camera and it is more affordable than an iPhone. Result: the model sold 80 million copies.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: record 100 million sales

huawei p9 iphone 6s apn

it is by far the best-selling iPhone of all time. The iPhone 6 and my version more have passed the symbolic mark of 100 million copies sold . It must be said that Apple really contented fans leaving a great smartphone, asked for months.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus sign so the move from Apple to big screens. Extremely fine and with a brand new design, the iPhone 6 is the symbol of a new era . To accompany this physical change, Apple refines iOS and offers a very simple version of the system. Moreover, the American giant invades the market Chinese, fond of large screens. A real success.

The winning strategy of Apple to crush competitors Android

Nokia 5230: the invincible with 150 million of sales

nokia 5230

no, the top-selling smartphone of all time is an iPhone or a Samsung model. It’s the Nokia 5230 . For years, Nokia has dominated by far the mobile telephony market. And at first smartphone, Nokia still shone.

Landed in 2009, the Nokia 5230 is particularly sold in developing countries. With 3G, GPS, bluetooth and a microSD port, the Nokia 5230 finds its public: 150 million copies are sold worldwide , an absolute record.

At the time, the first iPhone was just two years, but it is available from an operator exclusively, is not in all markets and it is very expensive. Nokia still enjoy at this time of my aura, but more for very long. Not taking the turn Android, Nokia subsequently collapses with a BONE House and miss the turn of applications. Subsequently, we know.

Nokia: a successful return or a big flop?

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