This is why I was using Google Maps in the wrong way

for a long time, I have not used the Google Maps for Android app to the maximum of its potential. Until recently, I didn’t used to enter an address and get from one point to another by following the indications of the navigation system. But I realized that I missed features. Discover subsequently that can greatly improve your experience with Google Maps.

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learn how to get more from Google Maps. © ANDROIDPIT

I began to expand my possibilities in searching in the application

I used to go to parks the weekend with friends or family and we always use Google Maps to get there. After a long day of walking, we’re generally looking for a restaurant in which make us nearby using Chrome. But this isn’t the best way to do, because Google Maps has many search features built into the application. I can do a search in a geographical area on the map and find different institutions. This is not only faster, but also offers more choices.

One way to find points of interest (e.g. restaurants) nearby is to press the button ‘My rental’ down to the right of the screen. It’s one that looks like a target. After clicking on it, you should see a button at the bottom of the screen titled “Bars and restaurants nearby”. From here, you will find a wide selection of restaurants.

Google Maps for Android incorporates many features of research

after finding places to eat, you can take a glance at the opening or go directly to the website of the restaurant. When you have chosen a place, you can place it on the map and get there. If you have good fuel economy, it is also possible to search for the cheapest gas stations that are on the way. After your dinner, you and your friends can always find places of entertainment not far from the restaurant, from the application.

find what you need easily. © Google

I got the most out of Street View

recently I went to Iceland. Why I chose this country? Because I wanted capital cities in Google Maps and explored Reykjavik with Street View. Discover the city with Street View gave me a strong impression that I had to see it with my own eyes. Street View lets have another look at the cities that the photos are simply unable to give. In the past I never used this feature to search for travel destinations, but now I use it all the time.

It is simple to use Street View on Google Maps for Android. First, find a place you want to visit within the application. Go to the application and search 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France. Now, press and hold the red marker in the center of the map. A picture in the corner at the bottom left of the screen should appear. Click on this image.

Street View on Google Maps application offers you unique views of cities

from there, you can get a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower. This feature is also useful to look for hotels. You may have already happened to make a reservation for a hotel and, once on the spot, fall from the clouds seeing the hotel and its environment. You can avoid this disappointment by exploring the area around the hotel in advance by going to Google Maps.

When I’m on vacation, I like to explore and lose me voluntarily. I’m no travel guide and provides only few things before my departure. When I completely loses me, I get Google Maps and look there beside me. I know that as long as I have the app, I can go anywhere. And you don’t have to worry about being connected to Internet if you download the cards in advance. You can then use your GPS to guide you. It is very easy to download portions of maps on Google Maps.

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you can download portions of cards to use them when you are offline. © ANDROIDPIT

the joys of sharing location

until I began to share my location with Google Maps, I met my friends and my family that when an appointment was fixed in advance. But now, we are in a more spontaneous way thanks to Google Maps. I can share my position and photos directly from the application.

One thing you can do is to switch to Street View from your position. From here, you can click on the menu button (the three dots at the top right of your screen). Now you can share your location via WhatsApp, e-mail and more.

Since I started to share my position, my contacts have begun to do the same. Now almost every time that I have to meet up with friends, I send photo Street View of my position and this allows us easy to find more. Use all the features of Google Maps so opened a wide range of possibilities.

What features of Google Maps do you like the most? Say it in the comments.

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