This is a smartphone that would be a misfortune in Las Vegas!

“When you have no luck in the game, it’s in love”. Perhaps, but win the game it is good too, have thought of Chinese diyers. To put the odds on their side when they play cards, they decided to cheat! In tinkering with maps and a smartphone, they have found a way to ensure the victory. How do they do? Find out in our article.

a Google employee, Elie Bursztein, works in the Security Department of Google. He learned of the existence of smartphones to cheat at cards, and probably as much personal and professional curiosity, decided to get one to understand how. The original message on this smartphone having disappeared, he had to find another source proving its existence. He eventually found a manufacturer in China and paid the staggering sum of 1,500 dollars. To give so much money to a stranger in order to get a smartphone to defraud, must still be confident…

AndroidPIT China
like Obelix: they are crazy these Chinese! © ANDROIDPIT

once the device in my possession, he started my investigation. It is a Galaxy S3 (or my look-alike) that was cobbled together by the cheater. 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB internal memory, it does not break three-legged duck this thing la. An activation code is required to use and ADB mode, small optimization to avoid problems if the phone goes in other hands. For a normal user, it’s just like any other phone.

You find with the smartphone a seal card game (IE closed by a tab) to ensure its authenticity. Guile, you tell me. How right you are. It is at this level that the cheating starts: the maps are marked on their slice. Yes, you read, on the edge! Each type of brand makes a single card. So the real question is: how to get to read these brands? It is at this level that the smartphone comes in.

Never I wouldn’t put a phenomenal sum in an old smartphone, even if it saves me technologically cards

what do you think?

The housing is made of plastic but on the sides it is optimized so as to pass the infrared. For information, it’s the technology that use some remotes, so hardly visible to the naked eye. So, 3 LEDs emit a light that is projected on plunders her cards, and therefore more exactly on the edges marked cards. The apareil photo takes over then retrieve the image in black and white in this instalment and transmits information to the software system.

The software version of the device has changed so that we can deal with this kind of information. An integrated into the smartphone application analyzes the data and displays the nature of maps on the basis of a letter and number code. We just have to look at the screen of your smartphone and hop, naughty cheats that we will know the next two cards from the stack. 

an application integrated into the smartphone analysis data

although I condemn the cheat, I am quite impressed to see the creativity that the cheater was able to do such a device. From a more pragmatic perspective, I remain quite puzzled. On the one hand, it is not always easy to impose its own set of cards in a game, especially a level more than amateur. On the other hand, who plays poker with my phone on the table, screen turned on? This is already delicate with family or with friends, it’s a lot more in an official competition, even in amateur.

what do you think of this device? Would you put such a sum to be able to win at cards?

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