The Google Daydream View on sale from November 10 except in France

unveiled early October during the presentation of the Pixel, the Daydream compatible virtual reality helmet and baptized Daydream View will be marketed from 10 November next at the very attractive price of 69 euros. Only problem, just like Pixel smartphones, it won’t be available in France at the moment…

Daydream View: released November 10 in some countries

for those who ignore it again, Daydream is a platform providing access to a high quality mobile virtual reality, which includes all the necessary ingredients for a unique immersion experience. Daydream View is therefore the first headset VR made by Google. Its peculiarity is to appeal to a soft shell fabric and no plastic for extra comfort. Its other advantage is its price: 69 euros. Finally, its use is very simple since the headset functions as conventional VR helmets by inserting its smartphone, the remote control and more.

only concern, the helmet is available in the countries where the Google Pixel are marketed for the moment

now we know finally its availability date: November 10. Only problem, the helmet is available in the countries where the Google Pixel are marketed at the moment, namely the United States, the Canada, the United Kingdom, the Germany and the Australia. This isn’t a surprise either because the Daydream platform is supported by future smartphones Android and Google Pixel. As these unfamiliar exit in France at the moment, it makes sense that Google does not sell it in France.

AndroidPIT Daydream View VR 0176
the Daydream View Google comes in early November but only in some countries. © ANDROIDPIT

Fortunately, the situation could change very quickly.  A sticker announcing the next availability Google Wizard in french is present on the Canadian Pixel boxes. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before Google launches Assistant in France. Once this problem is solved, there was then more problems for marketing of smartphones and the Daydream View helmet.

Have you ever tried virtual reality with your smartphone? Would you be tempted by the helmet of Google?

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