The best tips and tricks from Google Maps for Android

scattered here and there on the blog, today, all articles directly related to the practical techniques that improve ergonomics with Google Maps on Android will be now grouped in this article, to the other side that we already knew. So, feel free to add this article to your favorites for future reference, since this list of the best tips and tricks from Google Maps will evolve.

store cards for re-use without the internet

you’re with an old or a new version, remember that the Android’s Google Maps app has the ability to save maps for use without an internet connection. To do this, I invite you to move into an area of Google Maps, to type the words ‘Ok Maps’ in the search bar.

meilleurs trucs astuces google maps android enregistrer memoriser cartes hors ligne mode deconnecte images 00
by entering ‘Ok Maps’ in the field of search of Google Maps, the Android app offers and allows you to save a map to the size you want, finally up to 1500 MB of data. © ANDROIDPIT

as a result, a framework appears and offers to save the map part, which is framed in blue. Before you save it, note that you can pinch it to reduce or enlarge in size. More it is small and more memory used is low, where it’s the opposite in the opposite direction with a bigger map. In addition to that, an indicator tells you the size of the card and the amount of memory available/usable in the unit.

If ‘Ok Maps’ handling does not work and/or the ‘Zones offline’ menu is not present in the side drawer, know that an alternative technique, proposed in this article , allows to override this lack.

To locate or navigate without internet connection

to get your location and/or exploit the navigation without an internet connection, you should know that Google Maps is very capable, but it takes to understand and an option that is not present in Google Maps.

Imagine I went hiking. However, it is not mobile networks to help me locate me, but the GPS satellites perched in the sky are able and you can use them any time or almost; Depending on where you are. Me being lost in the forest, this may well save my life.

meilleurs trucs astuces google maps android mode de localisation appareil seulement gps images 00
to maintain the location on without access to mobile networks and/or WiFi, you must enable the option ‘Device’ only. It is located outside of Google Maps in the Android system settings.  © ANDROIDPIT

to be prepared this course, I then had the good idea to save a quite large area of the place where I was going to hike, with some outbursts to anticipate possible deviations. Thus, it is possible to consult this map offline at any time. To locate themselves on it, simply go to system settings – personal > location – to find the ‘Mode’ option and there check ‘Device’ only.

By activating this mode, your smartphone will exploit the potential of GPS chip to try to locate you, ignoring mobile networks which are not available/accessible. Note the time that is required to make a determination of your position is very variable and depends on the position of the satellites in the sky. On the other hand, note that the use of the GPS chip consumes more battery than WiFi and mobile networks.

Additional information on this topic are also available in this article detailed .

Add a place to the Favorites to return more later

want to save an address to get there at a later date? No problem, simply simply tap where you want the card. As a result of this action, a piece of window presents itself to you. Click on it to open it completely and press the ‘Save’ option. Well, you could save the place wanted to come back later in the section ‘Your book’, which is the first in the side drawer right.

meilleurs trucs astuces google maps android enregistrer endroit lieu adresse images 00
to save a location, type a location on the map to access the below registration option. © ANDROIDPIT

send criticism or suggestions easily to Google

by visiting the settings; accessible at the bottom of the right side drawer, a practical option at the bottom of the list allows to send suggestions and critics to developers by shaking the mobile. To be able to use it, you must have activated its dedicated latch. This happens in the Maps settings.

meilleurs trucs astuces google maps android secouer pour signaler images 00
in the settings of the application Google Maps, an option ‘Shake to comment on’ Android allows to contact developers to share their criticisms and/or suggestions towards the application by shaking the device. To activate it, simply turn the latch. © ANDROIDPIT

advanced controls in ‘Swipe’ to improve visibility

available since a long time, it is a friendly and practical trick unknown to many who view the reliefs of the cards in the Android’s Google Maps version. To be sure to see them, I invite you to place you in a city since these reliefs are limited for now to a few build. From there, place two fingers on the screen, and then drag them simultaneously to the top and or bottom. You should then be able to notice that the angle of view has slightly changed. If you do not see the reliefs, pinch the screen to zoom in.

meilleurs trucs astuces google maps android reliefs 3d images 00
in Google Maps, you can drag two fingers on the screen to tilt the view. In some places, like in the cities, most of the buildings will be viewable in 3D. Can you imagine the same thing to all the massifs of the world? It might be cool to see Everest for example, although the avalanche, falls of snow and other weather events make more complex mapping for this type of place. © ANDROIDPIT

always using your two fingers, you can also rotate the angle of view by rotating your fingers in an arc. For the time being, reliefs are available for buildings only, but it is not excluded that they be extended to other elements in the near future as the mountains, valleys, hollows and other natural areas. Theoretically, all versions of Google Maps are compatible with this feature on Android. Only the performance offered by your mobile device will result in its user experience.

Long press to activate navigation

the fact to find an address or to a point on the map always specifies the name of the place in a piece of window at the bottom of the screen. Realizing a long press on the blue pellet displayed on my right, then you can directly launch the navigation function to this place from your current location. To change the means of travel, simply go back and check that you use / prefer.

meilleurs trucs astuces google maps android acces rapide fonction navigation images 00
when searching for an address or a point on the map, hold down the blue pellet will open automatically the application of Google Maps navigation function. © ANDROIDPIT

do a double-press on the screen to zoom in

among the tips useful but often forgotten, the last of the list is an alternative to pinch the screen to zoom in. By tapping twice in the same place on the map, the application will then zoom to the desired location.

Do you have other tricks and tips to offer the community? Appointment in the comments thereafter.

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