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that is a Recovery on Android?

In General

the Recovery, the french ‘Recovery Mode’, is characterized as a submenu for which the user doesn’t usually have a direct view, but which he can access through a handling third-party at the start of the Android terminal. Often close, the technique to unlock is likely to vary from one device to another. The reason for this is simple: each brand has the free will to create and shape its own version of Android. It’s called the opening, where others continue to offer their locked system.

AndroidPIT Moto X wipe cache partition
here’s a glimpse of the possibilities allowed by the recovery of a brand. Here, Motorola with Moto X 2013. © ANDROIDPIT

on the side of the marks

by appropriate manipulation, most mobile devices are directly able to get into recovery mode, says “Recovery” and, whether to install an update to the system or even achieve a major emergency operation: or reset cache cleanup forced a device. On the other hand, there are some mobile – such as Sony or Motorola – where it’s an obstacle course to install an alternative recovery mode (Custom Recovery), because it is natively encrypted, I mean less and less. Speaking of Sony, it is also the first brand to offer a modified Recovery. Why Sony and not others?

Sony, the only one to play in the Court of the open source

to answer you, Sony is the only brand that offers a free Android version of right. Based on a program called ‘Open Source Developer’, the firm uses this database development as sandbox sand to try out new features, in addition to changes of design. More purified, this version has no aim to become commercial because she caters to developers and other hackers warned. That being said, we can describe this proposal as a feat of Sony, which proves its transparency with Android.

meilleurs recovery custom android android image sony 00
at Sony, the brand offers an AOSP Android’s version with a more open than other recovery. © Unknown

on the other side, the possibilities are increased tenfold

that said, Sony is not the only actor in the community to offer a modified with onions, recovery mode except that it is not limited to its products Sony Xperia but opens to all products on the market that are installed with Android. To find out, you’re going step over the fence to go and visit unknown lands. With these solutions just qualified, modified “Custom Recovery”, you can build of new utensils essential for all cooks who respect themselves. From there, new options will take their seat allowing you to install (Flash) a file compressed as an alternative system (Custom ROM) or a modified Linux (Kernel Custom) core, including, in addition to back up and to restore targeted the system parts or full, create partitions, manage, verify and sign compressed folders, etc.

meilleurs recovery custom android android image clockworkmod recovery image 00
to debut , here’s what looked like CMW, which is closer to that of Sony to date. © ANDROIDPIT

do not forget to congratulate the volunteers!

On Android, there is no one alone, but several recovery. That’s what opening, to adapt and to propose a solution that fits everyone, while remaining free. It goes without saying. It is important to remember that all of these people, that improve our practices on a daily basis, contribute voluntarily. From there, it is then not allowed to pay them a coffee or a beer to thank. Usually, this can be done through various solutions, such as a donation or a micropayment in an application, for example.

What are the best Custom Recovery of Android?

At the present time, we can consider ourselves lucky since there are several alternatives open source which have already taken their seat in the middle of the customization of Android. Knowing well that this world blooms in the day day, it is always possible to see another alternative of the day after. As a result, I’ll try to talk to you about all the alternatives, but raising the three best available to date.

1 TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project)

developed by Ethan Yonker, better known as the pseudonym of Dees Troy, TWRP, its full name T eam W in R ecovery P Guide, is the most used Custom Recovery throughout the community. Usable in touch, it is interesting to know that this was not always possible, but it is also one of the advantages that made it popular at the time and, although the possibility tends to spread more and more. For older versions, just to help the physical keys to navigate inside. Nothing very difficult in itself, but a little more painful for the laziest. To use it for several years, I says the choice of the community saying that TWRP remains the best Custom Recovery as of February 1, 2016, and it’s not going to change.

meilleurs recovery custom android twrp team win recovery project image 0900
here’s the TWRP interface, it is very simple to handle and is based on a black background, which helps the technology AMOLED screens that consider while the black pixels are turned off, so no energy-intensive. © Unknown

to a State of affairs of my duties, he is able to install compressed files, but also to erase, backup restore separate parts or the entire system. In addition, it also offers the ability to mount a specific part of the system in USB, encrypt backups, access to a terminal to enter lines of command, as well as pave the way for other more minor options. To quote an example, the AROMA also Manager installer the office of native integration within TWRP, then allowing to customize the installation process by choosing the options kernel, including. Whether you’re getting started or are an experienced user, TWRP’s coach Cook perfect you have to try first!

TWRP has its Android application, downloadable on the Play Google and other platforms, but there are also several alternative applications that allow to install an alternative mode of recovery:

TWRP Manager (Requires ROOT) Install on Google Play

2. CWM (ClockworkMod Recovery)

among the solutions all or almost as efficient, CWM, of its full name C lock w ork M od, is one of the popular alternatives that may suit you, but whose compatibility is less widespread than its antagonistic and, while remaining appropriate. In the image of my rival TWRP, CWM is also available in the form of sources so that others can modify it and adapt it to a particular device. To give you an idea, it’s a bit like CyanogenMod which distributes the sources of my Custom ROM which can then be taken and adapted for a non compatible device then become compatible. In this way, there are many terminals that were out of the drawer for a dusting. A good point that avoids wasting money, so that most of the older machines, often left too quickly and easily, are able to continue to provide a compelling user experience… In short. For you to see!

meilleurs recovery custom android cwm clockworkmod recovery image 00
no thumbnails, CWM interface is presented as a line. © Unknown

also compatible with touch screens in its latest versions, CWM Recovery features are close, if not identical for most of them. At the same time, it is normal because we are here in front of the two biggest majors of the Custom Recovery. In addition, installing (flash by adb sideload) files/folders with the help of a computer is also present. Your mobile has problems with the battery percentage indicator? An option also allows you to plug the wound. A useful feature that comes with another very nice which allows to make its SD card partitions. A very useful feature for users who want to create and add virtual memory swap (in data2ext) and/or have a different ROM Custom multi-boot.

To discover the compatibility and download it, go to the official website . In addition, you can also note that CWM has its own application. Named ROM Manager, it is still always functional: [1945900[9] ROM Manager Install on Google Play

3. CM (Cyanogen Recovery)

after hesitates for a moment to put it, I believe that CyanogenMod Recovery may have its place in the top of the best Recovery, but it is very poorly named. Finally this is perhaps excusable by the fact that it is more recent than the other proposed before him. Unlike the other Custom Recovery which are very open about a lot of diverse and varied functions, CM Recovery would rather go right to simplicity. Result, it wants to be more close solutions official that modified alternatives proposed by the community. For example, CM Recovery does not Flash for compressed folders other than its own software updates… If I want to flash a Custom Recovery, I do write it off as Cyanogen would prefer that users preserve my. To say that it is a Custom Recovery that does not seek to go further, simply look at the other options – like feature for feature to the Google – to see that its uses are limited, limited due – perhaps – the commercial version. At this point, it wouldn’t be better to make two versions?

meilleurs recovery custom android android image cyanogen recovery image 00
to give you an idea of Cyanogen Recovery on a Nexus 4. © AndroTech

to download it and try it out, visit directly the official website .

If you have any suggestions or any other comment, the comments are at your disposal.

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