The 6 most anticipated Android smartphones in 2017

before we have time to react, 2017 will be here soon and a new wave of smartphones Android will have already pointed the tip of my nose. We already have a vague idea of which are the most anticipated and some even already started talking to them, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 for which leaks are many. And you, which do you want most?

smartphones 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy s8 ecran revolutionnaire

apart from the fact that Samsung will be more that never waited in the turning point next year because of the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy S8 should mark the beginning of a new era . He would propose a new design ultra borderless with a screen that would cover more than 90% of the surface of the phone and we already know that with him, Samsung sees things big.

In the program of festivities, expected a screen 4K, a new Exynos 8895 ultra powerful processor (alternating with the 830 Snapdragon from Qualcomm), a double photo sensor, up to 8 GB of RAM, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. my announcement would be scheduled for the MWC in Barcelona in February. Suffice to say that it will soon be here!

Google Pixel 2

google pixel craquer

the Nexus are now dead and buried and the successors of the Pixel and Pixel XL Google are already in development. From after the last corridor noise, they would be certified to IP68 and therefore would resist water and dust while the current models offer only an IP53 certification for lack of time.

One speaks also a 100% Google construction, which means that the American giant would do anything it even without using a third-party manufacturer as it did this year with HTC. However until the fall of 2017 to get to the bottom.

OnePlus 4

oneplus 3t

although its presentation is expected only for July 2017, the first rumors about the OnePlus 4 are already beginning to surface. It would particularly question it team a Snapdragon 830 processor. So far, not surprising since smartphones OnePlus equip themselves always from the last high range of Qualcomm processor.

Note everything even that the chip would be accompanied by 8 GB of RAM (Nothing!) and that we would find a sensor on the back of the phone 23 megapixel camera. Anyway, hope that its price will remain content since the price of smartphones OnePlus increases from year to year.


lg g5 scanner iris

after having wanted to innovate with a LG modular G5 which has unfortunately been a real flop , the Korean automaker seems to have decided to abandon the modules, besides, there are already missing on the LG V20 and can already safe to say that this system is not present on its next smartphone.

In contrast, LG G6 should incorporate an iris scanner , an alternative to the traditional fingerprint reader that also turns out more sure as almost impossible to hack. Hope that the recipe for next year will work better than that this year.

Xiaomi Mi 6

xiaomi mi6

if for now, we don’t yet know what that Xiaomi ahead with my Mi6 , however, we know that the Chinese carmaker is considering several different configurations. Indeed, he has just set up a survey to better understand the priorities of the user and we already know he hesitate double photo sensor and simple photo sensor, design glass or metal and 4 or 6 GB of RAM. In all cases, we have time to see it coming.

Huawei P10


this year, the Chinese automaker has set the bar high by integrating a dual photo sensor co-signed by Leica to its Huawei P9. A system imagine already find on board the P10 even if, for the moment, no information has yet run on the next model.

We know however that, as each year, the manufacturer will propose a processor manufacture Kirin and a premium design. A year that also may be the Quad HD screen, but it is still too early to tell. Unless a radical change in its usual schedule, Huawei is expected to present its P10 in April.

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