The 3T OnePlus test: the flagship who wants to be instead of the flagship

the OnePlus 3 is one of the best smartphones from 2016, but OnePlus decided to raise the bar higher. He said he wanted to offer users the best possible experience, offering a device improve as much in a material perspective that software. Discover our OnePlus 3 T, the latest addition to OnePlus test.


  • good camera

  • fluid and customizable Interface

  • Quick ultra charge

  • performance


  • no change in design

  • no location microSD

  • Simple definition Full HD


OnePlus 3 T – Release Date and price

the OnePlus 3 T was presented Tuesday, November 15, at a dedicated event. He kept the recipe the previous template: you can operate the unit the OnePlus site without invitations. This system was a running sore, I won’t regret it. The Soft Gold model will be available from November 28 in Europe (starting on 22 November in the USA). Regarding prices, the OnePlus 3 T is more expensive than it was the OnePlus 3: 64 GB version costs $ 439 euros, the 128 GB model costs him 479 euros.

This price increase is unfortunate if we take into account the lack of creativity of the mark in the development of this unit. OnePlus 3 no longer being sold, the brand has probably good expectations with this OnePlus 3 T. That said, phablets offering such material at this price do not run the streets.

AndroidPIT oneplus 3t 1334
here is the OnePlus 3 T (model Gunmetal) to the left, the OnePlus 3 right. © AndroidPIT


OnePlus 3 T – Design and finish

during my test of the OnePlus 3, my colleague Omar had been very packed and heaped praise on the design of the phone. I find myself in the same situation today with the 3T OnePlus but with one difference: the OnePlus 3 was the heir of the OnePlus 2, 3T OnePlus is just the little brother of the OnePlus 3.

The design is the same. Body unibody metal, presence of glass, slightly rounded corners, fingerprint reader on the Home button in the front (which is also not a touch per se, rather a touch button), quick sound adjustment keys… We find all the elements that made us love the OnePlus 3. I find it particularly useful to revisit each of them so I will simply introduce you to those who, in my opinion, are the strength of the phone.

androidpit oneplus 3t screen2
fingerprint reader is located under the screen. © ANDROIDPIT

OnePlus knows occupy the space of my phone. Unlike Google which places a blank tape under the screen of my Pixel, OnePlus offers a result more applied: at the bottom of the screen we find the fingerprint reader. At the top we find the speaker and the sensors. On the right edge, the button to turn on/off the screen as well as the location to place two cards nano SIM.

AndroidPIT oneplus 3t 1380
the color is different, but for everything else, looks like a OnePlus 3. © AndroidPIT

if there is one thing that I find useful on the iPhone, it’s the little button slightly granulated (to distinguish it from the volume buttons) which allows to switch between “ringtone” to “silent” mode. OnePlus up a similar button on its devices, allowing to quickly switch to silent mode without even having to turn on the screen.

Another advantage: the Type-C (2.0) USB port found on the bottom of the unit, between the speaker Grill and the mini-jack (Yes there is a mini-jack!). Have the Mini-Jack cable located on the bottom of the unit is not necessarily a bad thing: this requires you to place your phone in the Pocket to be able to listen to music, so it is ready to use when you get out.

AndroidPIT oneplus 3t 1369
Unfortunately, the camera is more than a little bit in the back. © AndroidPIT

in regards to the grip, is a treat. Of course, you have to love a little big screens, in certain circumstances it is necessary to use both hands. That said, he enters the Pocket without problem so do not worry at this level here.

If you want a device that makes a premium effect, you will be served because OnePlus mocks us. Just like on the OnePlus 3, finishes are successful and the metal gives a really nice on the phone, the difference with the metal from other devices (such as the Google Pixel) is really very clear. I appreciate the Gunmetal color and prefer a little too classic gray of the OnePlus 3. In short, the design of this phone is very nice, but the problem is that there is no change from OnePlus 3-hand at the level of the colors.


OnePlus 3 T – screen

here again, we find the same hardware configuration as the OnePlus 3. OnePlus place a slab AMOLED, more precisely it is Optic AMOLED. Carl Pei stated on the topic on Reddit, explaining that it is a variant of the classic AMOLED, amended to provide better colors and more performance results outside. Whatever it is, the colors are brighter than on the OnePlus 3 screen and give this 3T a brighter appearance.

androidpit oneplus 3t screen1
you can calibrate the screen yourself. © ANDROIDPIT

the screen diagonal is 5.5 inches, which makes the smartphone a little phablette. The density of pixels, on the other hand, is 401 pixels per inch, as well as the OnePlus 3. The definition is a “simple” Full-HD, which is regrettable at the dawn of the advent of the VR. That said, the screen is rather good, colors are well represented and I have no problems. You can customize it by calibrating you even the screen, either by setting yourself of color temperatures, either using the sRGB mode. This last is rather enjoyable to use, less “tiring” for the eyes and the more real colors shows, but the yellow shade mad maybe some. 

Unfortunately I could not test the brightness of the screen with a specialized device, that said it seems to be pretty good, but the white tends slightly towards yellow if you look at it from the front, and blue with a different perspective. The Sun is not at the rendezvous on Berlin, I couldn’t test it in strong light conditions. You find again the night mode that fits the screen colors in order not to strain the eyes. It is one of the software features that interest me the most in this unit.

By default, you find a piece of protection on this screen 2, 5 d. It thus adds to the Gorilla Glass 4 layer that protects already pretty good, however the GG3 is more effective against scratches (where the presence of the sheet, QED).


OnePlus 3 T – software Interface

it is on this point that I met a great disappointment. We find the OxygenOS 3.5.1 interface which is based on… Android 6.0.1! Already several months that Android Nougat is officially presented and several new phones already work top, but OnePlus preferred to opt for that good old Marshmallow system. That said, he has announced to offer an update to Nougat to the OP3 to OP3T in December.

oneplus 3t system fr
not of Nougat, only this good old Marshmallow. © ANDROIDPIT

in short, have a near Stock Android interface and do not offer the big update of the moment, it’s still a shame. That said, just like on the OnePlus 3, the table is not completely black. Some interface elements have been changed, I am thinking of the rapids/notifications settings bar that looks more “Nougat”, options that are now more intuitive… A weather application and a dictaphone also made their appearance.

On the one hand, the followers of Android pure will find the system to their liking (despite some small differences, including what level of icons which are smaller), on the other hand there is no bloatware. At the level of the software itself, we can find several useful features, ranging from aid to the people with low vision (TalkBack, change font size, gestures of expansion) to the option App Locker that allows to lock access to applications with a code, through the presence of the “Never settle” mode when you go on the left side of the home screen.

oneplus 3t neversettle fr
this menu allows quick access to contacts, applications and widgets. © ANDROIDPIT

This allows you to quickly access your recent contacts, applications that you have used recently, a responsibility center that gives you an idea of the level of battery and the internal memory, and other widgets that you can add. Personally I see not too useful, I prefer Google Now that gives me the weather and shows me articles, but I am sure that some people will find this feature useful.

If you want to customize your interface / menus, know that you can opt for a dark mode rather than the default clear mode, then choose the dominant color. So, you can have all the menus in black with a green color that stands for example. Not necessarily useful, but those who are interested will find their happiness, and more black on the AMOLED is never a bad thing.

oneplus 3t themes fr
you prefer the clear theme or the dark theme? © ANDROIDPIT


OnePlus 3 T – performance

before you go too far, let’s start with the technical characteristics of the device. At the processor level, we find the quadricore 821 Snapdragon processor, operating at a frequency of 2.35 GHz.  It is an improved version of the Snapdragon 820, according to Qualcomm , sees its performance increased by 10% compared to its predecessor. In practice, the maximum frequency of the OnePlus 3 was 2.2 GHz, OnePlus 3 T is 2.35 GHz. To assist, we find well of course the graphics chip Adreno 530 which also benefits improvements, allowing a maximum 5% performance increase and a lower battery consumption. To accompany all, we find 6 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 64 or 128 GB, the latter model is available only for the Gunmetal color.

oneplus 3t benchmark scores
the device is really efficient on benchmarks. © ANDROIDPIT

find ourselves on this phone the UFS 2.0, which means that application loading times are relatively short. In practice, I think it’s pretty true. On a daily basis, it is more than enough: the large amount of RAM provides a multitasking solid and the processor allows a good experience on a daily basis. I have not encountered any problems slowing nor true bugs, overall everything is fluid. The smartphone heats up a little bit in heavy use but nothing very abnormal. The unlocks the device and you fingerprint reader takes on the homescreen in 0.2 seconds.

you can use two cards nanoSIM on your device, but OnePlus unfortunately bypasses the microSD card

a feature which is likely to please many people: the dual SIM. You can use two cards nanoSIM on your device, but unfortunately OnePlus is the impasse on the microSD card. At the level of 4G, you’ll be happy to learn that the 20 strip may be used, so no problem in sight with the french operators.

On the benchmarks, the smartphone is a good score, he even passes the OnePlus 3 which was a benchmark in the field. You can find the average of the results in the table below. Battery benchmarks have been achieved with the maximum brightness, we will return in the paragraph on self-government.

Benchmarks – OnePlus 3 T
3D Mark Sling Shot ES 3.1 3D Mark Sling Shot ES 3.0 3D Mark Sling Shot ES 2.0 Geekbench 4 – single core Geekbench 4 – multicore PC Mark Work Performance 2.0 PC Mark Storage PC Mark Battery Google Octane 2.0
OnePlus 3 T 2358 2983 30610 1884 4394 5759 4688 4h54min 6566
OnePlus 3 2291 2862 27038 1715 3972 5355 3646 4h52min 8115

If you are an aficionado of virtual reality, I have bad news for you. I’m quite pessimistic about the potential of VR of the phone, the low definition may limit potential.

OnePlus 3 had a relatively low DAS (0,394 W/kg for the head, 0,323 W/kg for the body). The 3T OnePlus is higher: 0.394 W/kg (head), 0,713 W/Kg (body). This is of course European DAS.


OnePlus 3 T – sound quality

here again, we find a unique speaker grille located on the bottom edge of the screen, to the left of the USB port. Regarding sound quality, the mono speaker of the smartphone is obviously not worth stereo speakers you can find in the shops, but the quality is satisfactory. The maximum volume is quite high but you lose in quality, the sound can sound a little metal.

AndroidPIT oneplus 3t 1377
a single speaker for music. © AndroidPIT

Unfortunately, there is no headset included in the box. Unfortunately, most manufacturers offer one, even if this isn’t of great quality. You can imagine, the sound experience is much nicer using headphones or earphones.

During the calls, I had no particular problem, I was able to make myself understood and understand my interlocutor without particular concern.


OnePlus 3 T – camera

we find on the back of the OnePlus 3 T the same configuration that fitted the OnePlus 3: the sensor IMX 298 of 16 megapixels, the opening f/2.0 Sony, 1,12 µm pixel size… That said, the potential is different. Our photography expert, Robert, leaned on the issue and found some differences between the old and the new. Although this is not always to the naked eye, we can see in details a slight tendency to wear yellow. In addition, the edges of the field are sharper on the OnePlus 3 T, but this difference cannot be seen during good sunny conditions. 

This is perhaps not what there is the best on the market but it does its job quickly thanks to the autofocus to phase detection (0.2 seconds) and, in General, provides good results. The photos are of quality, even when the brightness is not really to the appointment. The details come out pretty well and there are no worries of saturation. That said, if you zoom in a lot you will see a kind of border between black and white (for example the branches and the sky).

IMG 20161116 134926
the green of the leaves is very well represented. © ANDROIDPIT

in the front, we now find a 16 Megapixel sensor but it is not the same as in the rear, it is a Samsung sensor: the 3P8SP. The opening is also f/2.0. The quality is good, more than enough to make selfies. The unit can also make videos in 1080 p at 30 fps, 1080 p at 60 fps, 720 p or 4K. You can see the difference in quality between the photo of 3T OnePlus and OnePlus 3 on the picture below: right the OP3, left the OP3T. The difference in quality is clearly visible, the colors are better and details are better represented.

Stabilization is also the rendezvous, as many optical and electronic way. The application of the camera is the same as on the OnePlus 3, as much in its interface in options. Save location, the shutter sound and save the RAW image are the only possible settings, but don’t worry you will find qhen-even a manual mode, panorama mode, and the ability to take videos, including idling or accelerated. Videos in slow motion have a definition 720 p. Plus you can also save your photos to the format. RAW.

oneplus 3t appareil photo fr
the camera interface is very simple, the manual mode is also. © ANDROIDPIT

little trick: you can start the camera with a double tap on the power button, just like on the OnePlus 3. It is regrettable to see revolutionary changes at the level of the rear-facing camera, and it’s even more damage if you look at the competition who does not hesitate to opt for greater openness, with its opening f/1.7, Samsung e.g. slightly increases the potential when bad light conditions and slightly increases the Bokeh effect.


OnePlus 3 T – autonomy

the OP3 battery had a capacity of 3000 mAh, but for this OnePlus 3 T the manufacturer decided to go a notch above offering 3400 mAh. A larger battery on a device of the same size, all without making concessions in terms of design, there’s something interesting.

In General, the battery is good but I must admit that I don’t have particularly extensive use: Instant Messaging, newspapers, a video by here and there, a little music… In short, a user like me will take a day and a half with no problems. I got this test time in the shoes of a demanding user and have spent a lot of time watching videos and playing, and the device didn’t disappointed me. Overall, autonomy is better than that of its predecessor.

oneplus 3t autonomie fr
software options are available to enhance self-reliance. © ANDROIDPIT

in practice, that offers us OnePlus? We find the Dash load (5 volt 4 amp) system that allows the device very quickly. This technology allows to get an electric current hard maintaining a low voltage, which obviously allows to transfer energy and files quickly. Concretely, I rebooted the unit from 9% to 100% in about 75 minutes.

OnePlus noted that this system allows to get a day of battery life with just 30 minutes of loading. In practice, in half an hour I went from 5% to 57%, WiFi turned on and connected mobile network, so he credit him to load quickly but is that enough to take a whole day, as promises OnePlus? It depends on the uses, but an intensive user will probably have difficulties to hold a full day with 57%.

in half an hour I went from 5% to 57%

we hear by here and there that this rapid charging system is extraordinary because it avoids the unit to heat up, the user could so keep playing with my smartphone during the load, without taking any risk. This is true but do not conclude that everything is cold: the charger heats well and after a while to charge the phone heats up a little too. Of course, the situation is under control (at least according to OnePlus), but having a hot charger in hand could panic the most worried.

On the 2.0 PCMark benchmark, he got the score of 4h54min with maximum brightness and WiFi turned on. In comparison, OnePlus 3 had the score of 4h52min on the same benchmark and under the same conditions (on WiFi, brightness maximum and without SIM card).


OnePlus 3 T – specifications

brand OnePlus
model OnePlus 3 T
system OxygenOS based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
display screen AMOLED of 5.5 inches
Definition Full HD (1080 x 1920)
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
(2,35 GHz)
graphics chip Adreno 530
memory RAM 6 GB
internal memory 64 GB 128 GB
memory expansion: microSD reader
camera 16 megapixels to the front
16 megapixels in the back
opening f/2.0 for two sensors
connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, Wi – Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, band 4 G: 1/3/5/7/8/20
sensors accelerometer, Gyroscope, proximity,
footprints, ambient light, electronic compass
battery 3400 mAh
Dimensions 152,7 x 74.7 x 7.35 mm
weight 158 g
connectors WCDMA: bands 1/2/5/8
4 G: bands 1/3/5/7/8/20
Wi – Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: 4.2
Geoposition: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
other features – quick charge Dash load
DAS (in Europe) 0.394 W/kg (head)
0,713 W/Kg (body)

price launch
439 euros in 64 GB
version 479 euros in version 128 GB

final Verdict

A picture of Iznogoud, who wants to be Caliph instead of the Caliph, this smartphone wants to be flagship instead of the flagship. Do not beat around the Bush: this OnePlus 3 T is a great device. We find there is better on the OnePlus 3, what OnePlus added a processor Snapdragon 821, a better sensor on the front camera and a larger battery, as well as various software adjustments. In short, we have a OnePlus 3 2.0 which made an excellent impression.

that said, if you already have a OnePlus 3 change is not necessary. The lack of Android Nougat is also an error by the OnePlus. Certainly, the update will be available in December but out a camera in this class on a version of Android last year is not correct. Not a microSD location is also regrettable, but this is not surprising since the OnePlus 3 did not either.

ultimately the OnePlus 3 is no longer available and this can motivate people to buy this OnePlus 3 T, which is certainly more expensive but also more interesting than was OnePus 3. However, I wonder if it would have been simpler just to wait for the release of the OnePlus 4. Apparently, the young Chinese manufacturer make us wait with this OnePlus 3 T, is that mean that there will be no OnePlus 4 before a long time? Stay tuned.


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