That prepare Google and Android for the year 2017

the 2016 year ends. A year during which we experienced a new major version of Android, the Nougat 7.0, as well as a change in direction for Google that created its own smartphones with Google Pixel and Pixel XL. It was a year hinge for the developer, which happen in 2017 by plans far greater that we present today.


2016 was a more than interesting year in the Android world, particularly on the end. We saw fall champions, rising stars to form, and new concepts developed to restore the PEP in a market that was beginning to stagnate.

In many ways, this was the most important Google year since she has been one of change. In launching its Google Pixel and Pixel XL , the developer has finally become constructor. He himself admitted at the conference Made By Google: he’s more afraid to create the best material for its software.

A strong message to align with its new advances in artificial intelligence, which are progressively integrated into its suite of applications and propel the Google Home, new smart device for home .

But where all this leading? If 2016 was the year Google hinge, 2017 must be the year of consecration. Using the crumbs scattered by my passage, and a few rumors surrounding my future, we’ll see what has in mind the great industrialist for my future.


The year 2016 the dedication

remind first of all the facts. As the exclusive developer of Android, its operating system free and free to use and modify for manufacturers, Google was always in a difficult position as soon as it was to create my own material.

Indeed, the partners of today could quickly become the enemies of tomorrow if the Builder has become developer wasn’t playing well my cards. That is why the Nexus range, today abandoned , perfectly fulfilled its role by allowing consumers to taste Android according to him as well as maintaining cordial relations with the players in the market.

What prepare a change on the sly without for as much shock neither contributors nor consumers. And this change has taken the form of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which continued to be produced by a third party without that their brand is now displayed. The control of the developer’s total.

On the side of consumers, big fans of the Nexus brand are the fundamentals of the range, while the general public who already know by heart the brand sees all as an attractive novelty on the market. Evidenced by sales 2 times of the Pixel in the face of the nexus 6 p .

And what about Android? With version 7.0 Nougat, it finally natively integrates the best improvements have made the third overlays for many years to its formula. This win/win relationship is beneficial to Google, while manufacturers are now too rooted in its machine to truly be able to fight against it. Evidenced by Tizen that Samsung has always failed to take off.

In short, Google is now in the best of positions. The Android universe is consolidated, its material universe doesn’t start but already benefits from the best of what is on the market at a lower cost. It is now time to establish my dominance.


A final farewell to the control of the third-party manufacturers

for a few years already, the biggest weak point of our favorite operating system has always been its update cycle. Not that they are not frequent but they are rarely deployed by manufacturers who do their own thing.

The first subject of ridicule on the part of its competitor of always iOS could disappear this year, because the developer has finally found a system capable to solve this thorny problem.

Next directions for Android, all manufacturers will now have to observe because they are now far too invested in the ecosystem, will force them to adopt a new architecture for the system.

This new architecture will separate some systems in a new APK blocks, that Google will be able to update as seems to him via the Store. What eradicate the slightest need to acceptances and preliminary changes to manufacturers, in order to finally resolve the Android distribution so that all are at the same level.

This already beneficial step for consumers is even more for Google which will finally acquire a certain autonomy on its operating system. It will of course always leave some freedoms builders, but this change will allow a very strong message that only its competitor can claim to have for the moment: the new features of the OS will be accessible to everyone, at the same time, quickly.


Improve the Android ecosystem by avoiding cuts

to say: the future is to the IoT for Internet of Things, either connected rendered everyday objects and have new features. Google Home, assistant vocal automation presented by the manufacturer recently, can be seen as a step towards this.

Although the first steps of this industry were not very convincing, the high-tech market is turning to this new industry mass. The American brand is of course part, but has had to adapt to this.

We could see it through the creation of Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TT etc. But these efforts to half-made for the most part are not necessarily conclusive at the moment. the strategy on Google 2017 would be any other.

According to rumors surrounding Android Andromeda , the developer has decided to stop its cut and the piped in operating trends to focus on a new mount to Android much more adaptable.

Rather than do another branch Android, the developer would have thus decided to play the card the merger between mobile and Tablet PC within my own Android OS 8.0. As proved us Remix OS, all this is possible and could give a second life to the ecosystem on Tablet and PC.

Microsoft has paved the way to tablets made for productivity with its Surface range, so it’s only natural that Google rushes there while the applications in the suite Google Docs are growing in the world of work in the face of Microsoft Office.

We all know: the Tablet Pixel C is a product released too early , which should have been provided a new version of Android or Chrome OS. With Andromeda, my vision would have been fully realized. So we bet to such a project in the making for years is finally out in 2017.


To storm through the Google brand material

2016 was the year where Google has become known as a constructor to the general public. Where the developer took more rights and control over its application universe. And the year 2017 seems to be launched to finally be the coronation of Android as a viable operating system for many devices, targeting both the general public and professionals.

There the last point of this vision is filled, namely that the devices in question is size to fight on a highly competitive market. And obviously, the brand only will once again trust to itself.

We learned there is little as Huawei had refused the creation of Pixel Google contract, but remained on good terms with the brand. And according to rumors, this good term materialize by the arrival of a new Nexus 7 Tablet , one of the first aircraft powered by the famous Andromeda.

But that’s not all: the market for portable computers would be either left without representative, since a new computer Pixel would be also of part .

More than ever, Google has all the cards in hand to succeed a year 2017, which will be particularly explosive in all likelihood. Whether on the plan hardware or software, the brand will resonate as never before.

Beyond 2017, it will also be one of the pioneers in artificial intelligence, whose presence in Google Assistant as Google products will continue to be more noticed. The future of Alphabet is bright, as long as everything aligns properly according to my vision.

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