Test Book Yoga: a tablet of a new kind

what is Yoga Book? Is it a Tablet, a portable computer using Android as an operating system or perhaps even to a digital Notepad? It’s actually a little all at once, but it is especially one of the most interesting devices of 2016 in category “Multifunction tablet”. We will explain in our test if this Tablet Yoga holds the road well.


  • very good pen

  • keyboard original Halo

  • Design

  • Support for Stylus


  • useless camera

  • disappointing Performances


Lenovo Yoga Book – Release Date and price

in its Android version, Yoga Book costs 499 euros, and with Windows price is of 599 euros. However, you can also have the 4G version for 100 euros more. Devices are commercially available and can be purchased from the store of Lenovo:

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Lenovo Yoga Book Android

499 , 00

Lenovo Shop

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Lenovo Yoga Book Windows

599 00

Lenovo Shop

the Android-powered model is available in color gold champagne and grey metal, while those with Windows is in black. The Yoga Book is relatively inexpensive when you take into account its full potential. 

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0156
no tablet is similar to the Yoga Book. © AndroidPIT

you can see in the video below to what looks like the Book Yoga and what is provided in the box.


Lenovo Yoga Book – Design and finish

at first glance, we can see that the Lenovo Yoga Book will be difficult to place in a category. Lenovo Yoga Book is very thin, when closed, the thickness is 9.6 mm on the larger side and 4.05 mm on the narrow side. With a weight of only 690 grams, Yoga Book is a real light weight you can carry easily.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0090
Lenovo Yoga Book looks very chic. © AndroidPIT

when it is closed, we could almost take the camera for a competitor to the MacBook Air. Once the device has been opened, you realize quickly that the device is special: where’s the keyboard? No keys, only a large surface which shows a keyboard when the unit is turned on.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0112
thanks to the Halo, the Yoga Book keyboard can be very thin. © AndroidPIT

until now, tablets from Lenovo was distinguished by the hinge and the support that is was built. By removing this support, it was possible to attach the shelves to the walls. On the Yoga Book, we have this big hinge or support, Lenovo uses on my tablet a hinge to links such as those of the 2-in-1 notebooks.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0202
is the future of laptops? The keyboard without physical keys? © AndroidPIT

surprisingly, the hinge makes the screen particularly stable although it seems at first sight filigree. Is it really strong over the long term? It will check this over the long term, but for now the hinge is no problem. 

The keyboard Halo are the keys and buttons. On the right, you can find different keys (not very well placed, besides): press power, the volume keys and the mini-jack. On the left flank, Lenovo place a micro-USB port to charge the device, as well as a released mini-HDMI. The front camera is as usual at the top of the screen.


Lenovo Yoga Book – screen

the large 10.1 inch screen is of type IPS. The definition Full-HD (1920 x 1200 pixels) offers something different from the traditional Full-HD, but because of this and the size of screen pixel density is 224 DPI. Rest assured, you don’t realize when you’re really ready screen, right there you realize then the pixels.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0153
the screen offers better than from the simple Full-HD. © AndroidPIT

Lenovo wallpapers are dark and give the impression that the background lighting is pretty bad. In truth, the screen has a maximum brightness of 375 cd/m² and a contrast of 1100:1, which is pretty convincing.

The screen is also sufficiently bright and detailed but the effect Wow is rather at the level of the representation of images, but only when you set the screen in a passive way. When you use the built-in, Real pen, the screen shows its full potential but we will come back in the next chapter.


Lenovo Yoga Book – other features

Real Pen – stylus and real pen

Lenovo offers with its Yoga Book a stylus which the mine can be changed. Three mines of pens are available, as well as a Notepad. With the stylus type mine, you can write and draw on the screen but it must first enable this feature in the options because it is turned off by default. It is unfortunate that the bottom of the hand is considered to be a seizure when he touches the screen when you write or draw.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0218
mine stylus or mine to write? © AndroidPIT

keyboard Halo – keyboard and graphic tablet

in laptop mode, the keyboard Halo of course represents the keyboard of the Yoga Book. Keys classic multimedia management up to the presence of a trackpad, as on a normal laptop. That said, it is not real keys, so it must be borne in mind that they sink not when you press it. Writing with the Yoga Book is, in principle, quite similar to writing with a virtual keyboard.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0086
those who are used to the classic keyboards will see the change. © AndroidPIT

If you want a little more sensations when you use your keyboard Halo, you can activate the vibrations and sounds in the options. 

In the version Android, the Halo keyboard trackpad is quite limited. It works well and allows to move the cursor on the screen, but once you try a little more modern gestures such as the “pinch to zoom” or make movements with two fingers, he shows signs of weakness.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0200
what seems to be a keyboard is ealso support for the stylus. © AndroidPIT

on the left, we can find a capacitive touch that allows to switch the keyboard to support of the pen mode. Thus, you press it and the keyboard disappears, transforming the surface.

This is a built-in Wacom graphics tablet on which it is possible to paint with the help of the Real Pen. 2048 levels of pressure are recognized and works with a movie to electromagnetic resonances.

When you place a mine on the Real Pen and place your notebook on the Real Pen, things get very interesting. Even with a thickness of one centimeter of paper, the Book Yoga detects what you are doing. Those who say it takes a special paper are wrong, normal paper very well the case until he is placed on the surface.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0156
what you draw / write is detected in a very precise way. © AndroidPIT

this function is also available when the screen is off. Turn on the touch surface, write your note, and then disable the touch surface. Scanning and recording is performed in the background. The next time you turn on the Tablet, you will receive a notification.


Lenovo Yoga Book – Software Interface

the Book Yoga has its own user interface, based on 6.0 Android . She is slightly adapted and allows a control to the mouse and keyboard usage and offers several quick access to the screen, recalling a small little Windows interface.

lenovo yoga book ifa 3
the quick access bar reminds a little Windows. © AndroidPIT

the multitasking menu was a little bit improved in order to make the transition from one application to another more pleasant than on a normal Android version. You can use several applications at the same time, as well as enlarge or shrink their size.

AndroidPIT lenovo yoga book 8
Lenovo has optimized Android for better multitasking. © AndroidPIT

which is very convenient, it is the mode window for programs. It allows to open the applications as if it were a smartphone, that is to say about a third of the screen. For example, you can launch and use up to 3 applications simultaneously. If the application to be used on the entire surface of the screen, simply do a double tap on the upper corner of the window to launch full-screen. You can also take the window as we can do it on Windows 10. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the size of window-mode applications.

Lenovo has pre-installed Microsoft applications. Among them, we find the classics: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote. Note that to use them, you need an account (which can be created free of charge).


Lenovo Yoga Book – performance

on paper, the Yoga Book has a good material. Certainly, the processor Intel Atom X 5 Z8550 (2 MB of cache, image, up to 2. 4 GHz), is a rarity in the world of Android, but in the case of this machine it is a good idea. One of the reasons for which Lenovo decided for this processor X 5 is simply the Windows of the Yoga Book Variant. With this mobile component of Intel, it is easier to use the material with two different systems.

The Book Yoga offers also 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal memory for applications, documents, photos and the vdieos. With a card microSD , it is possible to increase the potential of 128 GB.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0094
performance is not everything, the strength of this unit is the diversity. © AndroidPIT

on a daily basis, the combination CPU / RAM / memory is successful. During our test we had no problem to display animations or to switch from one application to another. I must also say that Lenovo has provided many OTA updates. The delays on Chrome at the beginning there are no longer visible as they did in the first test.

These small slowdowns rarely have an influence on the quality of the performance of the Yoga Book in terms of productivity or fun. Real Racing games such as 3 , Asphalt 8 or even FIFA 16 work without problem. In General, the Yoga Book is behind Google’s Pixel C and its Nvidia Tegra X 1. Nothing major, but the difference is noticeable.


Lenovo Yoga Book – sound quality

in regards to the sound, this Yoga Book promises more than it offers. When you see written Dolby Atmos, is expected to sound quality but the speakers do that a slight breeze and not a hurricane. This is probably also from the compact aspect of the Yoga Book because a powerful sound out to more room inside.

AndroidPIT Lenovo Yoga Book 0096
we find the certification Dolby Atmos, but the power is not there. © AndroidPIT


Lenovo Yoga Book – autonomy

the battery of Lenovo Yoga Book offers a capacity of 8500 mAh, IE 500 mAh less than that of the Pixel C . But as this last, Yoga Book is easily a whole day, if not two, when used for productive activities.

In our test at the level of the video, the screen of the Yoga Book was set at 50%, the Unit held more than 7 hours. Another very positive news: the device is compatible with the fast charge. In 50 minutes the battery charge from 0 to 80%. When we think that the battery is 8500 MAH, it’s still good.

Lenovo Yoga Book – specifications

    • model:

    • not available

    • size:

    • 256.6 x 170.8 x 9.6 mm

    • battery capacity:

    • 8500 mAh

    • screen size:

    • 10.1 inch

    • screen technology :

    • LCD

    • screen:

    • 1920 x 1200 pixels (224 ppp)

    • front camera:

    • 2 megapixel

    • rear cameras:

    • 8 megapixel

    • Version Android:

    • 6.0 – Marshmallow

    • internal memory:

    • 64 GB

    • removable memory :

    • microSD

    • maximum clock frequency:

    • 2.4 GHz

    • connectivity:

    • HSPA, LTE

first verdict

in the universe of Android, the Yoga Book is unique. Even the Google Pixel C is not as diverse as this unit of Lenovo. The manufacturer has managed to bring together the concepts of productivity, creativity and fun with maximum mobility. Students will find an excellent camera to replace their notebooks. If you wish to send an e-mail, you can write it by hand instead of bothering to hit the keys, and if you want your artistic potential the stylus should suit you.

all these functions in one unit are very attractive, and so is the price of the Tablet (without 4G): 499 euros. It is an attractive price for such a device. On the other hand, those who want to have a monster power would do better to turn to the Pixel C.


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