SLES for PI: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for raspberry PI - 64-bit! [Full Guide]

wow, this was unexpected. There are PI from a SLES or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the raspberry. Specifically, the operating system on a raspberry runs 3 PI PI 3.

the raspberry includes processor (Broadcom BCM2837) we know that a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, is 64-bit. The raspberry PI 2B v1. 2 , by the way puts on the same chip. So far, there was however no 64-bit operating system for the raspberry PI of 3. Raspbian is so designend that it runs even on older models, and 32-bit tiny. These include even the raspberry zero with their ARMv6 architectures PI 1 and the RasPi. Of course, there are efforts to deliver 64-bit Linux distributions for the raspberry PI.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for raspberry PI – first!

SUSE SLES must for PI of somehow first! scream. Now, there are official 64-bit operating system the size of an industry for the first time a . It is not any one, but the server version of SUSE – also known as SLES or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

the operating system supports the WIRELESS card and Bluetooth. A file system is btrfs used. This simplifies the administration according to the product description. Of course, there is also support for HDMI, Ethernet, and GPIO interfaces.

SUSE has according to just Upton provided kindly also apply the necessary patches. This means other distributors can benefit from this and we will see PI 3 very probably more 64-bit operating systems for the raspberry in the near future. Ubuntu, Fedora / red has, Debian and also Raspbian will soon follow suit. Thus, the full potential of the midget is exhausted.

SUSE and ARM have fabricated also a nice case.

Gehäuse für SUSE Linux Enterprise Server für Raspberry Pi (Quelle:

case for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for raspberry PI (source:


who wants to try out PI to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for raspberry, which can download the image behind this link . However, you need to register and create an account. For that you get 60 days free patches and updates delivered – is there. So in other words, it is a trial version, which is valid for 60 days. The image size is 924 MB.

the raspberry PI is taken ever more seriously. Do you have a raspberry PI and it runs services? If so, what?

Nice PI-constellation

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