Share your wildest Raspberry Pi achievements and win prizes!

visuelevntfbjeu-rp3_250px on the occasion of the release of my book “RaspberryPi 3 or Pi Zero – leverage your nano-computer the Editions ENI and KUBII organize a contest. ‘ ”
Share the craziest creation you have made or designed with a Raspberry Pi and win lots of prizes!



1st batch: Media Center Raspberry Pi 3 Kit by Kubii + the book RaspberryPi 3
2nd batch: 1 year subscription to the ENI digital library
3rd batch: book RaspberryPi 3 + 1 kit raspberryPi 3 at Kubii
4th batch: book RaspberryPi 3
5th batch : the book RaspberryPi 3 digital

to participate leave a comment on the page of the [Jeu-Concours]


about François MOCQ

electronics of origin, become computer scientist, and is passionate about new technologies Instructor in computer maintenance and network and Telecommunications. Upon my arrival on the market, the potential offered by Raspberry Pi got me excited I quickly created a blog dedicated to the nano-computer ( to share this passion. .

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