Samsung is apparently developing a Galaxy Note 8

very long time that the rumour: is that Samsung will put an end to its Note range in view of the image problems that it poses? Preliminary information suggests that Samsung wants to extend the presence of its smartphones to stylus on the market.

a tweet from Evan Blass provided evidence on what would prepare Samsung for its products in 2017.

the most notable, aren’t the two models, the SM-G950 and SM-G955, names that would be references to a Galaxy S8 and its big brother, the Galaxy S8 more. The most interesting in this information, it is that Samsung seems to jump model number SM-G94x. It would be references that would take after that, like the references of the current generation of S7, which uses the SM – G30 and SM – G35 numbers.

In making this decision, what is Samsung trying to demonstrate that the problems that were fatal to the Galaxy Note7 will not affect 2017 models? It is unlikely, given that few customers will really be interested in the model numbers. We can design that internally, Samsung is working on generation S8 long long, but had to start again because of problems with the Note 7.

This is what Evan Blass confirmed a Galaxy 8 Note?

In my tweet, Blass also referred to the existence of a smartphone with the model SM-N950 number developing. Because the Note used the name N9xx, it’s the first tangible element that Samsung would continue the Note range, and expected a Galaxy Note 8 in 2017.

Do you think Samsung will really keep out of Note smartphones? Or what the brand should replace it with a removable phablette, for example? Join the discussion around the plans of Samsung!

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