Samsung is already preparing Android Nougat for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge 7.0

working on a version for its Galaxy S7 , Samsung would also prepare the update of its previous flagships, S6 and S6 edge Galaxy. No release date is however mentioned.

Android Nougat Samsung

revealed several months ago, the version 7.0 Android Nougat is at the moment available on a small handful of terminals . Manufacturers are however already at work in order to offer this as soon as possible update on their main devices. This is the case for example of Samsung, yet far from being the best student in this field , which has already begun to offer a beta version on my last flagships .

code XXS5DPK7 name

it would appear however that the brand is also working on a port of the ROM on its standard-bearers of the previous year, namely the Galaxy S6 and edge S6 . According to SamMobile, whose information is usually reliable when it comes to the South Korean manufacturer, a prime firmware referenced XXS5DPK7 is currently being tested on both smartphones.

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no date for the moment

of course, it is still a build preliminary, still under development. You cannot bring forward any date for public deployment for now. We could even consider the case the most extreme – but still pretty unlikely – in which the technical problems would push Samsung to finally abandon porting this version to its flagships of 2015, like what happened with Sony and the Z3 Xperia .

a lot of new

one can imagine that the Galaxy S6 will benefit of the latest Android 7.0 Nougat as well as TouchWiz, the home of the manufacturer interface. However, this update requires many changes, to start a profound change in the system of windows by .

Galaxy S6

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