Samsung Galaxy S8: what to expect [Vidéo]

after the fiasco of the Note7, Samsung Galaxy is seriously waited at the turn by fans of high-tech. The South Korean manufacturer cannot afford to miss the next Galaxy S8. There is more competition and a new scandal could definitely bring down the leading position of Samsung on the mobile telephony market. So, what to expect next year? This week, we report on the rumors in a video;

what will be the design of the Galaxy S8? How many versions will be sold? What is its release date? Y aura-t – it a mini-jack cable? What will be its price? In the face of the many issues of the utililsateurs, we decided to make a point about the latest rumors. As always, the atmosphere is relaxed, and we invite you to respond.

and you, what do you of the S8 Galaxy, in addition to it does not explode?

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