Samsung Galaxy S8: release date, price and technical specifications

Samsung Galaxy S8: design and finish

it’s still a little early to talk about the design of the Galaxy S8. We can do all speculation at the moment. There have been several changes between the S7 and the S7, so it is likely that we will also see the S7 to the S8. That said, the S7 was a success in terms of aesthetics, so changes will be probably light.

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it is sweet, it is beautiful, but he does not feel the warm sand. © ANDROIDPIT

we will find good obviously look very premium. At the back, we will again find rounds with a camera lens that does not a push, unlike its ancestor the S6. At the front, we should find the Home button but the question is: will we see a fingerprint reader or will there be on the phone as on fire Note7 iris scanner? Or both?  Of after Weibo, Samsung wants to make a big change of design. The physical button on the front, if representative of the brand, could well disappear completely from beneath the screen. According says the message on Weibo, no supplier would have received orders. While possible, this seems rather light to draw such conclusions without evidence.

According to the well informed South Korean newspaper The Korean Herald , the South Korean firm would abandon the model with a flat screen. The S8 Galaxy would then exist in two versions with a screen that is curved on both sides. The decision makes sense when one takes stock of the current sales of S7 and S7 edge Galaxy. The edge version is indeed a stronger popular success with users than the version with a flat screen. However, don’t think that Samsung would only launch a model for the Galaxy S8. Two versions of S8 would be actually to the program but the two embark a curved screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8: quality screen

this is already a time rumors announce a 4 K display on this unit. After all, the name of the phone code is ‘Dream Project’, which suggests of course Google Daydream VR platform, announced in the Google I/O 2016 . Obviously, this smartphone will work without problem with this platform. What’s better than a 4K display to use VR?

look like this?  © Steel Drake

the terminal should also be broken down into two different sizes. The first model’d so run a 5.1-inch QHD screen and the second would have a slab 4K of 5.5 inches. It might even be the camera of this latest model would be reserved for the largest model.

That said, the latest rumors are not really in this sense. The definition of the screen would not QHD (2560 x 1080) as announced, but “simply” 2048 x 1080 “, i.e. very close to Full HD. Fairly surprising decision since we are slowly entering the era of the VR and the big definitions would be more appropriate, but if it is certain that we won’t find a 4K, it is likely that we will find improvement of display technologies in order to get better for the VR.

Samsung Galaxy S8: software interface

some may wonder: the Galaxy S8 will work under Android or Tizen? For those who do not know Tizen, it is an operating system developed by Samsung and is used on connected objects. Replace Android by Tizen would allow Samsung to ensure its independence from the Korean manufacturer, but it may displease many users well accustomed to the system (and services) of Google.

In addition, is Tizen really mature? It is unlikely. What’s the point of this system if users cannot use their favorite apps? Each application developers should code their app to make it turn on Tizen, which requires a lot of effort on their part. Users won’t wait months to be able to use their applications. 

It is therefore certainly Android Nougat 7.1 which will take part on the two Galaxy S8. 

Artificial intelligence

like the Pixel with my Assistant Google, Samsung confirmed place it also its artificial intelligence service in its new flagship. The vice president has indicated that he will be a “platform for open HERE” and that the goal is to be able to access several services directly from the wizard, IE without installing specialized applications. In other words, if you buy food, you will not have to install any applications to be able to order your meal, this operation will be possible directly with AI. 

This wizard him would also work according to a speech recognition system, according to The Korea Herald . It should also be able to control other devices connected, giving the example of the refrigerator: thanks to the wizard, you can get pictures of the contents of your fridge connected Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8: performance

it seems that one of the officials of Samsung has legal problems after giving information to Chinese competitors. Of after SamMobile , Samsung currently tests for my new House Exynos 8895 CPU performance. This new chip would reach an operating frequency of 4 GHz on performance and 2.7 GHz on hearts hearts low consommation.grace to an engraving in 10 nm! To assist, we should find the Mali-G71 graphics chip, which, according to what can be read on the subject, would be 1.8 times faster than the chip Mali-T880 (S7 and S7 edge graphics chip). 

As a reminder, at the present time, the highest range (Snapdragon 820, Exynos 8890) processors have an engraving in 14 nm. This reduction will reduce energy consumption and the emission of heat. Of course, it’s the Galaxy S8 which should benefit first of this new chip. 

According to our colleagues Koreans of ETNews , Samsung would have also signed an exclusive agreement with Qualcomm to make the Snapdragon 830 with a 10 nm engraving process. The technology for such a feat would have called FoPLP, which means Fan-out Panel Package Level. The rumor also claims that Qualcomm and Samsung will jointly develop this new manufacturing technology.

If this FoPLP title may sound like the Chinese for some, you have to knowledge is that this new technology would be expected to reduce production costs and facilitate the integration of the processor within the terminal. Moreover, this new engraving process would reduce power consumption, and therefore the warm-up to increase performance to equivalent consumption.

Of course, other versions of the S8 Samsung Galaxy should ship the new processor House of the South Korean firm, the Exynos 8895, also manufactured with a process of burning in 10 nm. What make us think that the differences between the two processors will still be minimal once the next year. In all cases, Samsung should be 6 GB of RAM in its smartphones!

Samsung Galaxy S8: camera

the vice president of Samsung, Lee Jae-yong, said that the S8 Galaxy will have a “camera improved”. Of course, it’s before all of a sudden communication but its purpose must be based, not even a minimum. It is likely that this Galaxy S8 uses the technology of double camera, Samsung has also filed a patent on the subject.

Weibo was going in this direction indicating that one of the objectives would be 12 megapixels, the other 13. At the front, we should find a 8 megapixels with an iris scanner. Of course, none of this is confirmed by Samsung, it will take the formalization of the smartphone in certain true being.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Battery / autonomy

the only thing we know about the subject is that the research and brand development working on a technology to increase the autonomy. Software management (via Doze etc) is one thing, hardware optimization is another. This problem of insufficient battery is recurrent, hope that a solution will be found.

Samsung Galaxy S8: specifications

brand Samsung
model Galaxy S8
system Android Android Nougat
with House TouchWiz interface / Grace UX
Screen Super AMOLED of 5.1 inch and 5.5 inch
Definition QHD (1440 x 2560) – Definition 4 K
CPU Exynos 8895 clocked at 4 GHz (engraved in 10 nm)
Snapdragon 830
graphics chip Mali-G71 or Adreno
memory RAM 6 GB
internal memory
Memory expansion: microSD reader (very likely)
sensors accelerometer, Gyroscope, proximity,
compass, barometer, fingerprint and/or iris reader

– Assistant virtual Viv
– UFS 2.1

price launch

Samsung Galaxy S8: release date and price

last year, the Galaxy S7 had been presented at the famous conference of the Mobile World Congress (MWC for the respondents) which takes place in Barcelona. This event being the most known throughout the high-tech universe, it a safe bet that the Galaxy S8 will be presented on this occasion.

In fact, the famous leaker Ricciolo released a teaser image confirming the presentation of the S8 Galaxy from February 26, 2017. Those who hoped a release ahead of the S8 Galaxy after Galaxy Note7 problems however will be so disappointed, but Samsung explained want focus on the investigation of the explosive batteries. 

on the side of price, Samsung should not change the rules. There are strong chances that the smartphone costs at least 699 euros for the first model and 799 euros for the second model…

What would you like to see on the new Galaxy S8?

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