Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Why sell refurbished models would be madness

we thought the Galaxy Note 7 dead and buried, we were obviously wrong. A new rumor speaks of a new market of the smartphone from Samsung, but via reconditioned models. This rumor, we have a lot of trouble believing. After this fiasco, sell refurbished models would be madness. We explain why.

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the Galaxy Note 7 seems completely dead. As we explained yesterday, a new rumor suggests that Samsung would reflect seriously to challenge my smartphone on the market via reconditioned models.

The rumor comes from a source very close to the mark. After identifying the problem, Samsung would like to put my Galaxy Note 7 returned to nine. Then, beginning 2017, put back them on the market at lower prices. This would be a way for the brand to absorb a little bit the huge financial loss caused by the two campaigns of the Galaxy reminder notes 7 and cancelled sales.

This rumor, we have a lot of trouble believing. Samsung would make a huge mistake by putting its smartphone on the market, even if the models are reconditioned. Here’s why.

Samsung did not always identify the problem

the Galaxy Note 7 explosion problems began late August, early September. Things went very quickly. Cases of explosions multiplied what drove Samsung has a campaign first reminder.

After this first campaign, Samsung quickly determined that problems of explosions came from batteries to one of the suppliers. The firm fired sort of version 2 of the Galaxy 7 Note to clients.

But disaster. Several cases of explosions went to the brand, explosions that have affected patterns of replacement. Samsung made a second recall campaign. The firm eventually admitted that the problem was not batteries but that the source of the problem was different, that the entire design of the smartphone was to review.

The brand withdrew the smartphone market . And a return via reconditioned models seems almost impossible for a simple reason: Samsung has still not identified the problem at this time.


the company’s CEO gave himself a few weeks to identify the problem and communicate it to the world, for the sake of transparency. But at the time of writing these lines (November 17, 2016), Samsung has still not identified.

So we can hardly imagine that in barely a month, the company will manage to identify the source of the explosions, fixing millions of models who came to him, and put back them on the market. Technically, this simply seems impossible.

And that’s not counting the investment by the company in this entire process while year-end holiday will come to an end. Out a Galaxy Note 7 reconditioned in January makes no sense , the biggest sales of the year having been made a month earlier. Commercially and economically, it makes sense.

The Galaxy S8 announced in February 2017

the timing would be even more inappropriate than Samsung will announce late February the S8 Galaxy , its latest high-end. And this is without a doubt the most anticipated brand smartphone next year.

Besides, Samsung could launch a Galaxy S8 to the larger format for just the lack of the Galaxy Note 7. The last born would therefore certainly top on the older model, and in addition to the origin of the fiasco.

galaxy s8 ecran revolutionnaire

market of Galaxy Note reconditioned 7 at this time of the year would be even more suicide that all competitors will announce their new products for the new year during the 2017 MWC in Barcelona. Everyone will go forward, proposing a new round of products.

By highlighting its Galaxy Note 7 Samsung écornerait its innovative brand, brand image that sets the tone. It would remain blocked in the past , and worse yet would be to insist on a dismal failure.

What is more, everyone will already moved on. Other products will be expected. And the first of them will be the Galaxy S8. It would be more appropriate for Samsung to bet everything on its next high-end, to maximally optimize it and especially to strengthen quality control.

Galaxy S8: release date, price and data sheet

a historical fiasco which has left traces

beyond the calendar and the commercial aspect of the thing, there is an obvious psychological aspect in this whole affair. The Galaxy Note 7 has left traces in the minds of consumers. The product includes a little reassuring product, which can explode at any moment.

Even if 72% of our readers always trust Samsung , we are not sure they believe in a return to the refurbished Galaxy Note 7. For the consumer, the name of the template is considered something negative. Few users would be likely to buy again the smartphone.

Should not forget that this is the biggest fiasco in the history of the mobile phone. And Samsung have managed the thing pretty well, such an event cannot be erased in a few weeks. The Galaxy Note 7 is still in the minds of all but not for the best. Samsung’s interest to forget this model, to move on, and put all its skills and expertise on its future models.

Samsung Galaxy 7 Note: back in 6 dates on a historic fiasco

Samsung must move forward

Galaxy Note 7 was a great smartphone as we explained in our test. Alas, this industrial incident of size will have spoiled the party. But Samsung’s best interest to leave her baby.

This historic fiasco is unfortunate. But the most difficult is spent. Samsung had to deal with the crisis, has lost billions of dollars and has seen its image deteriorate. No need to continue on this path.

galaxy note 7 design back

Samsung must move forward, building on its S8 Galaxy and focus on the future. The best is to forget this slump you not insist. Forget the idea of a Galaxy Note 7 reconditioned is the best thing to do. You are not agree?

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