Samsung crisis: the manufacturer confirms consider a split

the end of the year 2016 is definitely very difficult for Samsung Electronics. In addition to the fiasco of the South Korean Note7, the electronics giant Galaxy is facing a serious internal crisis of governance, all mixed to a political crisis of the country entangled in a corruption scandal. One of the possibilities currently envisaged by the world’s no. 1 manufacturer would be to split into two entities.

Samsung Electronics must face a serious family matter. Since the succession of its leader Lee Kun – hee, 74 years old and suffering from 2014, for her three children, nothing wrong with the manufacturer.

To facilitate the transmission of the reins to my son Jay Y. Lee, 48, Samsung Electronics, the flagship of the Samsung conglomerate, plans to split into two separate entities: a listed holding and another that would bring together operational activities.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7616
the Galaxy Note7 did not help the business of Samsung. © AndroidPIT

also added value on the stock market, the idea, strongly encouraged by the American Investment Fund Elliott, minority and activist shareholder, seeks to improve the governance of the group which is currently experiencing leadership problems. The operation should allow the heirs of the Lee family to strengthen their grip on the world number 1 mobile phones manufacturer. Finally, the payment of a special dividend of 26 billion dollars (24.4 billion euros) and the appointment of three independent directors would be also on the agenda.

Of after Samsung, it would take at least six months to study this possibility.

What do you think of this family business?

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