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author: Jürgen (jdo) ASAP

there is issue 2 of the official raspberry PI projects book . 200 pages of ideas, suggestions and guidance cavort in the magazine. The article should inspire your next raspberry-PI projects.

the raspberry PI itself I have no longer imagine. Everyone knows the pipsqueak in the meantime. In the meantime, there is a raspberry PI 3 and I could not resist . Yet it’s not a supercomputer, but benchmarks indicating that the raspberry set to PI from version to version.

what you find PI projects book 2

  • shows friends in the raspberry, how easily you put PI on a raspberry can do it

  • many projects on the community introduces friends

  • experts to advise you, for your next project to reality

  • reviews, there are also and notes which accessories you need could

Raspberry Pi Projects Book 2 ist verfügbar

raspberry PI projects book 2 is available

a RasPi experts interested in not like Raspbian is installed. However, browsing in the magazine is already fun. The creativity of the hobbyist is fascinating.

I would like to download

before you download PI projects book 2 to the raspberry, nor mention that is the complete magazine in English.

you can find the download link in the official announcement .

If you’re interested in this magazine, then also the Essentials coding should friends books like . It’s more in the nitty-gritty then.

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