Raspberry PI 2B v1. 2 is faster - has the same BCM2837 processor like the Pi3 [Full Guide]

Farnell we a revisiting of the raspberry offered pi 2 . Now, there’s the pipsqueak with a Broadcom BCM2837 (ARMv8). The raspberry PI 2B v1. 2 has the same processor as the RasPi 3. This should be noticeable in the benchmarks . Earlier versions of RasPi 2 were equipped with a Broadcom BCM2836.

otherwise, seems to have remained the same. The tiny has 40 pins and so forth still a GB of RAM, four USB ports, an Ethernet interface, HDMI port, GPIO.

a big difference is that the Pi2 v1. 2 only with 900 MHz is clocked. The big brother, however, purrs with 1.2 GHz.

Der Raspberry Pi 2 B v1.2 hat nun den gleichen Broadcom BCM2837 wie der Raspberry Pi 3

the raspberry PI 2B v1. 2 now has the same Broadcom BCM2837 like the raspberry PI 3 (pictured)

a faster raspberry PI 2B v1. 2?

now you’re friends who make legitimate question, why a raspberry PI 2B v1. 2 and not equal to the raspberry buy PI 3? For the home user, this probably makes little sense. In this case you’re leg RPi 3 better off, because the device has Wi-FI and Bluetooth on board. Wi-Fi should be pleasant for most users. In this case, you need to pull a 20 meter long cable from the router to the PI or buy an additional Wi-FI USB network card. Where it never hurt as a Linuxer, to have seven-euro part in the Toolbox as a . They work with the PI, they are compatible with all other Linux distributions. Gold is worth, if the Wi-FI card a (first?) Device zickt.

the price of raspberry pi 2 v1. 2 and RPi 3 is almost identical. There are few cents difference. Money should be therefore no reason to decide for the ancestor in revision 1.2.

power consumption however is a different story. The PI may need more 3 with Wi-FI, Bluetooth and higher speed of the processor. It comes so complete on the application purpose on and the pi 2 v1. 2 might as well have my permission.

through the transition to BCM2837 no longer work Raspbian earlier. If you have one on the plate, install it and then update, you should download a new version of to . Otherwise, the raspberry might PI 2B v1. 2 won’t start. Honestly it’s probably anyway faster to download a new version. A great upgrade for the RasPi takes it quite long. Applies to other distributions and systems: if they work for the raspberry PI 3, also should be pi 2 v1. 2 to run.

Nice PI-constellation

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