Polar M200: GPS and optical cardio for less expensive

after few leaks Visual in recent weeks, that had me predict the output of a GPS watch running entry level with cardio optical sensor, Polar announced today the release of the M200. And I was right!


presentation of the M200 Polar

if we wanted simple, looks like the Polar M200 is the direct competitor of the Forerunner 35 , the last baby of Garmin. But I won’t settle for that.

to begin with, the first thing that is obvious is that the Polar M200 is round. While watches GPS Polar outputs in recent years all had a square screen ( V800 , M400 , M600 ). What is the reason for this choice? I don’t know. The screen resolution is not great, icons stand out well but the numbers are clearly pixelated.

she weighs 40g, has a motor for alerts by vibrations and is waterproof to 50 m. On this side, nothing to complain about. Orders are done with 2 buttons, either with support long, or short presses (which offers few options but to the advantage of simplicity). At the level of autonomy on the other hand, 6 h may soon be just a little. We should not count just recharge it once a week. In fact, it is half as much as the Forerunner 35.

it’s a basic running watch, which will give the speed, distance, altitude, and elevation (nice feature for a watch at this price, since I remember than a GPS watch like the Forerunner 235 , 2 times more expensive, does not display the elevation). It is possible to configure 2 data 3 screens (8 screens of 4 data on the M400 ). It will be possible to choose from 100 different sports profiles on Polar Flow. The press release from Polar does not explicitly indicate whether, in addition to the optical sensor, the M200 is compatible with a heart rate belt. But cardio Polar H7 belt is available in Accessories, so we can assume that Yes.

after each outing, the M200 will provide a Running index and a profit of training, 2 values that will target your workouts and track your performance physical.

beyond the watch itself, the M200 provides access to Polar Flow. The application and the web site of Polar are very well made and I offer a good compromise between ease of use and statistics. For a beginner, 5km turnkey programs, 10km, semi and marathon will prove invaluable.

in addition to GPS, the M200 records made activity tracker (number of distance, calories burned, time activity and monitoring of sleep), but no follow-up of heart rate 24/24 and receives smart notifications via Bluetooth.

price and release date

the M200 will be sold with a choice of 5 colours of bracelet, the classic colours of the Polar products except one: red, black, white, yellow, blue (the rose of the A300 and the M400 has disappeared, for the benefit of the yellow).

she comes out late October at the price of €150. € 50 less than the Forerunner 35 and only € 20 more than the M400. It’s a price gun on this niche.


after this presentation, the M200 looks to be a M400 with a cardio optical sensor (I warned you).

that is what motivated the choice of Polar to design a completely new hardware and not just integrate the sensor into the M400 with a software update (Garmin who declined the Forerunner 230, Forerunner 630 , Forerunner 235 and Forerunner 735XT on the same hardware)? Mystery. Well, personally, I’m not fan of Polar designs. I find their pretty clumsy square watches and we can’t say that the M200 is very refined.

However, at € 150, it is really the ball. When you know that:


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