Our video review of the LG V20: the UFO of Android smartphones

the V20 LG is the latest smartphone released by the South Korean manufacturer. Currently only available overseas, this phablette of 5.7 inches is characterized by a second screen and audio qualities above average. But merit does it to be among the best of the moment Android smartphones? The answer in our test.video.

the V20 is the flagship of this year-end LG smartphone. As proof, he already sold more than 200,000 units in the U.S. market, ten days after its release, or an average of 20,000 copies per day. According to LG, it’s already two times more than the previous model, the V10. Where our surprise to not see market in France.

But how does the V20 LG on a daily basis? The answer in our video test!

would you like to see LG change its decision for the LG V20?

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