Orange PI with two new boards! -Earlier I would have been zero excited about Orange PI... [Full Guide]

with the Orange PI PI PC 2 zero and the Orange are two new tiny on the market, offering reasonable prices.

Orange PI zero

the Orange PI zero is a quad-core ARM Cortex A7 with 256 MB (standard) or 512 MB memory that is shared with the video card (E-mail 400MP2). The Integrated NIC is a 10/100. It is very interesting that PI is a zero of the Orange brings WiFi or Wi-FI interface with it. The Orange PI zero is a winner of all H2 SoC and uses a GPIO interface with 26 pins. As selling price $6.99 , are specified.

Orange Pi Zero (Quelle:

Orange PI zero (source:

Oragen PI PC 2

Orange PI PC 2 is slightly more expensive, but brings a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 to. A GB of RAM are installed in this slightly larger tiny. The graphics card is a Mali450 and network card (Ethernet) is specified with 100/1000. In contrast to the Orange PI zero 2 PC has a GPIO interface with 40 pins.

by the way: the ARM Cortex-A53 is the same all winner chipset, which is also in the pine 64. I return below it.

Orange Pi PC 2 (Quelle:

Orange PI PC 2 (source:

as the image suggests, two USB 2.0 interfaces are available HDMI connection, camera interface, microphone port, and so on. The story looks so pretty complete.

the Orange PI PC 2 is advertised at $ 19,98. I’m not so attracted to the price for this hardware. It lacks a WIRELESS network card or WiFi and so the raspberry has a clear advantage PI 3.

I would buy an orange PI?

the prices would have liked even until a few months ago, because the whole package sounds already very attractive. Since my pine 64 keeps the enthusiasm but within limits and I am concentrating PI on the raspberry, even though this is slightly more expensive. The reasons I have described in more detail this post in .

the bottom line, it is so that the community of the raspberry PIs is simply unbeatable. In addition I can think of PI in the raspberry 100 percent sure that the hardware is fully supported. This is true at least for Raspbian, but also other distributions are available and work well. Ubuntu MATE, LibreELEC, and so on are meant.

and so on hardware at Orange PI, pine 64 consisting of all winner chips. I’ve learned itself (pine 64) , that the support for Linux is not exactly great. Android running on it quite OK, but remix OS is not a desktop replacement on the tiny. There better – much better – no joke works pi 2 Ubuntu MATE on a raspberry.

for the foreseeable future, I stay with the raspberry PI and dare more no experiments. Rather, I spend some extra money and can use the thing completely and without any problems. Pine 64 is really only as a decoration in the closet because he only annoyed me in the end because so many problems. Also the raspberry PIs will show faster, such as benchmarks . So far the raspberry isn’t away PI 3 pine 64 – sometimes even faster. I rather the original stay.

Nice PI-constellation

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