Opinion: why the Xiaomi Mi Mix tackiness all smartphones to 2016

the mid Mix Xiaomi announced yesterday. It offers a unique design, impressive screen size ratio and a fact sheet on top. The best smartphone of the moment? Depends on individual tastes but without no doubt the most innovative and most futuristic never seen before. In addition, it is not only a concept but a finished product as it will be available for sale on November 4.

xiaomi mi mix

Because its design is unique

when we laid eyes on the Xiaomi Mi Mix , let’s all just a slap. Not only it is the Smartphone most borderless worldwide since its screen size ratio is 91.3% but in addition, it is beautiful. At this level, let’s be clear. He has not only a beautiful design as some competitors, it is simply amazing and especially, it is unlike any other smartphone.

design xiaomi mi mix

Next to him, all smartphones to 2016 , even the finest take old. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, it is also important to remember that its chassis consists of ceramics, a quality material that shows above all the property to be ultra strong. A material capable of resisting the drill and the electric saw, as had also said society in February when the presentation of my Mi5 Xiaomi Pro whose back also consists of ceramic.

because it is a true jewel of technology

photo xiaomi mi mix

outside of the constraints related to the screen itself and the robustness of the device, a smartphone design also borderless also means to circumvent some of the technological barriers. The front of a smartphone is limited not only to the screen.

It must also take account of the listener, as a smartphone remains foremost a phone even if it is less obvious, and sensors attached as the front camera or proximity sensor which allows to disable the touch screen when the phone is placed against your cheek. It is also for these reasons no manufacturer had never proposed Smartphone similar to Xiaomi Mi Mix up to today.

Sharp was well presented a prototype of borderless screen curved on all four units at the beginning of the month but it is not yet a finished as the Mi Mix product for which the manufacturer has outdone himself.

Take the traditional Earphone for example. Before the mid Mix, we were wondering how the builders would be able to remove it in favor of a borderless design? And now it seems so simple. Instead, the Chinese company employs a piezoelectric system that delivers the sound vibrations within the chassis ceramic. Just paste my ear on the screen to hear.

Meanwhile, the proximity sensor is based on ultrasound and the front camera whose size has been reduced by 50% is placed down on the only frontal area is not occupied by the screen. When the card technique of Xiaomi Mi Mix , it is largely at the level of that of the other flagships of 2016. It’s simple with this device, the company made no compromises!

Because Xiaomi did before everyone

xiaomi mi mix 2016

the Xiaomi Mi Mix does not have only one step ahead, there at least two. Xiaomi to which one often accused of copying Apple and Samsung comes to take a sweet revenge. Mi Mix, is a little the smartphone that all manufacturers dream to create but that nobody has yet proposed except Xiaomi.

Over the years, many have been manufacturers to reduce the size of the screen borders. For its part, Samsung had typed a whack last year by daring to propose a completely new with my Galaxy S6 Edge design, a smartphone that is curved on two borders and already thousand leagues from the Galaxy Note Edge presented a few months earlier. Form factor which has been invited by several competitors, including at Xiaomi with its mid notes 2 .

But next to the mid Mix, it seems the past because yesterday, it’s the Chinese automaker that initiated a new trend with the smartphone of the future. The latest rumors suggest that Samsung would present within a few months a Galaxy S8 borderless with a screen curved over the four slices.

For its part, Apple would also celebrate ten years of the iPhone with an iPhone 8 borderless and “all glass” according to rumors and it would be no surprise if next year, Apple presented us with an iPhone with a ceramic 100% design in the vein of the mid Mix.

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