Open-Xchange AppSuite (OX) operate on a raspberry PI 3 [Full Guide]

the developers of Open-Xchange have a guide made available, as you can on a raspberry PI 3 install the OX AppSuite and operate. This AppSuite includes MySQL, Dovecot, Postfix and so on. Almost all functions are at an installation on Raspbian, which you’ll find in a regular install on Debian.

the E-Mail client is fully functional, there is a copy of OX drive, calendar is included and so on. OX documents but is missing. For the raspberry is pi 3 then somewhat weak on the chest. The performance of the itty-bitty not enough simply in version 3. Maybe that’s still in a later version.

OX AppSuite on a raspberry PI 3

the installation process is more or less automated. You need to perform some manual steps that are not very hard or complicated. That’s why you must bring not many experience in terms of programming. Head of helps in the installation. Thus, you can automate complex configurations. In the end, you need only a raspberry PI 3 and a connection to the Internet.

we throw on this occasion just a look at the system requirements

  • raspberry PI 3

  • external SSD (solid state drive). The choice of the storage of media is thus characterized by the fact that a normal SD card is slower and also not so long.

  • the whole shebang, which get a raspberry to the running PI. These are power adapter, micro-SD-card and so on.

  • MicroSD adapter

Open-Xchange install

on the MicroSD card is a Raspbian image will boot from.

once the system is running, you are downloading this script : wget

and it delivers in the connecting as root .

sudo bash

then you will have to follow in theory but the instructions. The raspberry will start PI 3 of the SSD. You can check this using the file manager.

now, you need a computer on which you are installing head-DK. You catch the necessary file by . Also, for the remainder of the installation, you need git.

in the end, you push via Chief OX installation over the network (SSH) on the raspberry PI. You can find the steps in detail in wiki of Open-Xchange.

according to the installation

what happens after the playing of the Open-Xchange AppSuite then unfortunately no longer available there. Also a link where the innocent user to jump. I can not try currently unfortunately, but even from the belly out in the 8'd further instructions or information for Debian . The current version of Raspbian is famously based on Debian 8 Jessie .

who would like to test drive the Open-Xchange AppSuite just, can follow this link . Because although the document features are included, not running PI on the raspberry, but you get a good overview.

Open-Xchange AppSuite probefahren - läuft nun auch auf dem Raspberry Pi 3

Open-Xchange AppSuite test drive - runs now also on the raspberry PI 3

Nice PI-constellation

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