Open source: "the raspberry PI IoT shield" family - support for LTE / 4 G, 3 G, GPRS, XBee and GPS [Full Guide]

that’s a Kickstarter campaign, which certainly, my opinion is worth a mention. Sixfab has the “raspberry PI IoT shield” announced family and collects funds for it. Total $50,000 should come together and the developers have already almost 43,000. 18 days are still time. With this shields you spendierst your raspberry PI support for 4 G / LTE, 3 G, GSM/GPRS, GPS and XBee.

raspberry PI IoT shield

the thing is however, that there is no goose. There are different shields that extend the PI to different functions. It is not difficult to guess what for example is a 4 G raspberry PI IoT shield . It extends the PI to the 4G-Funktion or a wireless modem. The PI enthusiast already know where I’m going. You can build a portable access point so, do you have a raspberry PI 3 or a USB Wi-FI card.

there are

use cases for it enough. A raspberry PI with mobile Internet access may be a surveillance camera or a motion detector out of Wi-FI range. Or your PI with any sensors collects data and you want to change the configuration. With a 3 g connection, you should not go, but could manage the device from the couch.

the “raspberry PI IoT shield” family is of course with focus on the IoT (Internet of things / Internet of things) developed. The PI network and reach from anywhere or places. That sounds great, but you have to keep increasing the security in mind. The PI is exposed, pi / raspberry (default login) is more catastrophic. On your home network that’s matter, but…

a raspberry PI is IoT shield with the types A +, 2, 3 and zero compatible. Both hardware and software are open source. You can find the sources to do this github . Is A in the image below, which must be A + but. The A has no 40 GPIO pins. The prices vary. A 4 G / LTE shield there are from $ 99 and you get a XBee shield from $ 19. Who scrolls down 950 US dollars, can mix the shields are at your whim – until the appropriate price is of course reached.

Raspberry Pi IoT Shield ist mit diesen PI-Typen kompatibel

raspberry PI IoT shield is with these types of PI compatible

shields order

as I said the kick start campaign runs 18 days. There is also more information at . Here, for example, the 4 G / LTE shield is explained.

Das 4G/LTE Shield (Quelle:

the 4 G / LTE shield (source:

for what for a project could you imagine, to use a raspberry PI IoT shield? For me, these trigger the a certain will have reflex Add-ons anyway.

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments



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