OnePlus 3T: 4 reasons why it is still a flagship killer

the OnePlus 3 T announced yesterday. It is sold 40 euros more than the model launched last summer but offers many improvements, more power and a bigger battery. Each new model, OnePlus increases the price of its smartphone, always is that even at 439 euros, this new model is always a killer flagship and offers a value significantly higher than the competition.

oneplus 3t flagship killer

best price:

1. It only costs 40 euros more than the OnePlus 3

Let’s not lie to you, the OnePlus 3 T is slightly more expensive than the OnePlus 3, but given the improvements proposed, this increase of 40 euros is really excessive? Rather, we would tend to think not. New processor more powerful, new battery with a greater capacity and 16 Megapixel front-facing camera. Frankly, it’s not expensive to pay in view of the differences that although few remain consistent.

The first time buyers who flocked to the OnePlus 3 out last summer may perhaps feel aggrieved, but each of two phones still a bargain in view of its excellent value for money.

2. it is still much cheaper than its competitors

most of the Android smartphones out this year saw their prices drop in recent months but it is still very rare (with the exception of some Chinese smartphones) to find less than 500 euros. So yes, the price has increased with this new model, but it remains much lower than that of big hitters as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge .

In addition, unlike the mastodons of 2016 which most came in the first half of the year, the OnePlus 3 T is not a smartphone priced at declined over the months since he has just been announced. It is therefore an introductory price particularly advantageous for the consumer.

OnePlus 3T official: Snapdragon 821 and sensor photo before 16 MP €439

3. Its battery capacity is above the average of 2016

with , 3000 mAh battery OnePlus 3 is far from offering exceptional battery life , however, the new model pushed the auction at 3400 mAh, allowing it to offer approximately 17% of autonomy and more. When you think about it, it is well above the current average which is 3000 mah. Only some models like the Galaxy S7 Edge with its 3600 mAh battery and Mate 9 Huawei and its 4000 mAh manage to stand at this level here.

In addition, with its fast charging Dash paid always by the party, OnePlus technology promises a day of independence after only 30 minutes of charge and barely an hour, the battery is charged more than 80%, even when the device is used to play during the load.

4. my Snapdragon 821 is which is the best in terms of mobile processors

to be clear, the Snapdragon 821 offers performance only 10% higher than the Snapdragon 820 which is already excellent in all areas but the fact is that only a few models are currently equipped and that he is the most powerful CPU currently offered by Qualcomm. Google Pixel and Pixel XL, whose prices remain high or the Asus Zenfone Deluxe 3 are much less affordable.

Remain Xiaomi Mi5S and 5s longer sold for prices lower but unfortunately can’t handle not all of the bands 4 G used at us or even Xiaomi Mi Note 2 which version compatible with all 4 G international frequencies is sold 475 euros, without taxes. At this level, the 3T OnePlus leaves, once again, the best choice.


for 439 euros, OnePlus gives you the ability to offer a smartphone premium equipped with all the latest technology of the time. Of course, it’s still a simple OnePlus 3 hardware update but a very well thought-out update which put on three points, power, autonomy and the photo since we now found a 16 Megapixel camera on the front.

Don’t forget that this new model is an opportunity for the firm to introduce a new color as well as a 128 GB sold to euro 479 version coming to fill the lack of micro SD slot.

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