Number RIO: how to get your code to change operator

how to change operator without losing my phone number? We think wrongly that it is complicated but it is actually very simple. Simply to have a called number RIO code that you send to your new operator who will then ensure the portability of your phone number. Here’s how to get it.

numero rio

The RIO (identity operator statement) number is a 12-digit code that allows to identify your phone number and your contract with your operator. It is essential if you ever want to switch operators while keeping the same number of phone

among these 12 figures, we find first the ID of the operator (01 for Orange, 02 for SFR, Bouygues Telecom and 04 for Free Mobile 03), the letter ‘E’ or ‘P’ that can tell if you are an individual or a company your contract number, which consists of 6 alphanumeric characters and a control code consisting of three characters which allows you to check your RIO number is indeed valid.

How to get her number RIO

whatever your home operator, you just call a single number, the 3179 using your mobile to get your code. You will then receive your RIO SMS number. The call to the server is free.

Note This is the simplest solution for your RIO number but is not the only one. If ever, for any reason, you were unable to call the voice server, you can also call your customer service or even find it in your account online.

Beware, once you have obtained your number RIO, remember to indicate your new operator as well as your phone number, on the purchase of your new contract. Finally, if your mobile phone is still locked, he will have to think about désimlocker before you insert your new SIM card, unless you have decided to opt for a naked smartphone unlocked any operator .

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