Nokia: a successful return or a big flop?

Date of last update: November 8, 2016 at 15 h 10 min

Nokia will soon be back on the market for smartphones and Android will this return. Given the number of fans that still counts the brand, hopefully already that it will be a winning return. However, if the firm is does not means, could also be a big flop. Consumers today have specific expectations and the market is more saturated than ever.

nokia smartphone

a bet risked

return to a market after years of absence rest, though they say a risky bet. BlackBerry is the example even though he has never really left the market. After seeing its market share drop from year to year, the Canadian manufacturer attempted to reconnect with success with Android. Yet, even with a great smartphone like BlackBerry Priv, my return was a fiasco, in that point than the end of September, BlackBerry officially abandoned the production of smartphones to focus on the software.

Who says back said that at a time where to another, the brand was forced to move away from the market because she met more success than before. Which means that it can not reuse the same recipe as by the past but must bring something new, here in this case, a new OS, Android but even with Google’s OS at the controls, if the ingredients are not met, it will not work.

In summary, if the return of Nokia in the Smartphone market is still awaited, it doesn’t automatically that the success will be at the rendezvous. The company must both reflect the current configuration of the market and the actual expectations of consumers. The fact of associate the name of Nokia to Android is not enough to actually impose their products on the market.

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make the difference, a necessity

the Smartphone market is an ultra competitive market on which only three manufacturers really manage to shine, Samsung, Apple and Huawei and Chinese manufacturers as Xiaomi that offers products at the best price. The market has become so much so that each user is now able to find a smartphone corresponding to its needs and its budget. Therefore, if a new player really wants to win, innovation and differentiation are two indispensable entry tickets.

Nokia will not return to success by simply align itself with competition and capitalize on the nostalgia of the ex-fans of the brand. It will also bring the little something more which will give want to buy its smartphones. An element of differentiation that can rest either on the design, features, price, or of all three. In the past, the manufacturer has already been inventive repeatedly and we hope that it will be this time.

android smartphone nokia

Nokia needs a flagship

Nokia should go out two Android smartphones this quarter and two others at the beginning of next year. If the latest rumors in date are models high range equipped with all the latest technology to date, all accompanied by a premium design, plug the Nokia D1C technique unveiled by several benchmark tools does not really dreaming, and suggests that the return of Nokia would be through the back door .

retour nokia smartphones

of course, a middle or entry level model would quite have its place in the catalogue of the company. All manufacturers offer and generally, intermediate models are selling well, but given the expectations of consumers, in particular, those who hope my return, Nokia cannot afford not to offer high-end.

In 2014, everybody expected that Nokia offers an Android smartphone and the Finnish manufacturer has released three. However, the Nokia range X was not a great success and for good reason. Technical sheet low range, all served under a fork of Google’s OS restyled the colors of Microsoft. A real disappointment!

Nokia has already shown in the past that he was able to offer good smartphones, including with the Lumia under Windows Phone range in which it has invested its know-how and its manufacturing quality. Enough to raise the expectations of today’s consumers even higher. Hope that what it will offer in the next few weeks will be up to these expectations!

Why Nokia can return for good thanks to Android

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