MagPi 52: A Christmas special and an alarm clock, which rings to the Sonennaufgang [Full Guide]

advent, advent… at least since the chocolate Nikolausis on the shelves are, so in mid-August, Christmas is announced. The retail hands rubs, glows at Amazon the wire, moan the Gedlbeutel and the MagPi 52 also discussed Christmas. So you’re not coming out… 🙂

MagPi 52 with tips and tricks for Christmas

that PI pretty things tinkering can be with the raspberry, is known. In the magazine you can find for this reason tips and instructions with which you can create decorations. As well, a Santa Tracker will be presented. With a raspberry PI you can then follow the Santa Claus. So you know when crawls a fat man through your chimney.

Beim MagPi 52 dreht sich alles um Weihnachten (Quelle:

in the MagPi 52 Christmas revolves around (source:

also shows friends, how you can create the game of sliders. Interesting is the way you control the game. The video reveals more.

the magazine covers but also general topics. You can find a post about VNC Viewer and how you build an alarm clock, which makes noise to the sunrise. Who needs something? I know people, that humbug would complete so an alarm clock. You are not even home at the time! So once I knew people, but it is reasonable… and Yes older * pfeiff *

the post about the Amiga emulator is nice too. I like that, because I was once the proud owner of a such Amigas.

the magazine as always is

download MagPi 52

in English. You will find the PDF file after this link . The download is free as always.

you Polish your Christmas also something with a raspberry on PI?

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments


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