MacBook Pro 2016: critics are unanimous, Apple has cracked

the Macbook Pro 2016 announced the week last by Apple. After years without renewing its range, the firm was expected to turn. The first reviews have fallen and they are not good. Fans of Apple or not, observers are unanimous: Apple has cracked!

macbook pro 2016

it was a keynote awaited by different observers. Whether you are a fan of Apple or not, the announcement of the new Macbook Pro was expected. Had prepared Apple all those years of absence in the PC market? Had expected the firm to counter Microsoft, which launched its Surface Book, my first home computer? Expectations were for the 25 years of the first notebook, created by Apple, of course.

And throughout this keynote, lovers of high-tech we are l’enfant looking forward to the idea of discovering that the firm had prepared for us. And then we discovered a Macbook Pro 2016 has nothing new finally. Only real novelty if it is change of design and brighter screen: Touch Bar. And she has nothing revolutionary.

The critics are unanimous. All observers, all who were able to have on hand new Macbook Pro are of the same opinion: Apple has completely cracked . Some have even come to wonder if the firm was not the end of the PC to make the whole place for the iPad. There are many reasons for these criticisms. Here are the main ones.

Touch Bar: a plus, really?

The novelty of these Macbook Pro 2016, it’s the Touch Bar. Except that after the ‘cool’ feature last effect can we see a real interest? For the time being, observers wonder about the real usefulness of this OLED bar which overlooks the Macbook Pro keyboard. Rightly.

Apple steers its machines to professionals, and for them, the Touch Bar doesn’t really seem very useful . A DJ will not have fun with the Touch Bar to mix (as we could see during the keynote), it is equipped with multiple consoles that allow him to really work as a professional.

Same thing for video editing, an editor is equipped with control consoles and other machines that are grafted to the Macbook Pro, which becomes a control center. As for photographers, they do very well with a trackpad, a stylus or a mouse. The Touch Bar seems gadget for them.


in fact, some of us writing use a Macbook Pro and see no interest at this Touch Bar (this is my case). When we, the Macbook Pro is connected to one or two other screens, we have a remote bluetooth keyboard and mouse or trackpad. As we use a different keyboard, the Touch Bar is located too far to be practical.

What are some examples but we see little use for this Touch Bar, like many other observers, they are used or not to the Macbook Pro. It is a technology that seems more gimmick than anything else. It is now up to developers to maybe make an essential tool. But a good start, one of the first applications turn around… of the pet. And Yes…

Sheets of another time

the Touch Bar is good, but what is expected of a stamped device ‘Pro’, is that it meets the requirements of such a status. And on paper, the new Macbook Pro seem straight out of another time, in view of their rates.

And on this point also, all observers are unanimous. Offer a minimum 1700 euros machine with a processor that is not the latest, a graphics card to pick it up and 8 GB of RAM, it is simply absurd. Soon the smartphones will integrate 8 GB of RAM … And even if users decide the price, they cannot claim more than 16 GB of RAM, maximum limit determined by Apple.


the firm explains this choice by the fact that more than 16 GB of RAM require more energy and wouldn’t be good for autonomy, not to mention that the design would suffer. The concept of notebook would more sense. But experts say that placing a more powerful and memory LPDDR4 processor, Apple could increase power while maintaining the design and the same autonomy.

And this would not have been too much for a ‘Pro’ range the Macbook Pro 2016 data sheets are far from being at the height. impossible for a developer to work with multiple virtual machines, impossible for an editor to work on 4 K videos. For products offered to professionals is average.

Apple wants the future but isn’t ready

another criticism which Apple has not finished to hear: the withdrawal of various ports. Exit the USB and microSD, the more expensive Macbook Pro port incorporates that 4 port USB Type C, and that’s all. Apple speaks of courage, as in remove the Jack of the iPhone 7 . We believe, as many observers, that Apple is going too fast. The firm wants to move towards the future but the company is not ready itself for the future.

The Apple brand offers a machine with only 4 ports USB Type C, but nothing today facilitates the use of such technology. And professionals use many devices that connect to the Macbook Pro. A photographer for example working all day with microSD cards. Remove this port is a big mistake. Ditto on USB 3.0 that allows to connect external hard drives and other devices.

macbook pro iphone

the high-tech universe has not taken the step, Apple is alone on the road and offers no help. Ah yes, multiple adapters that cost a fortune. Is not very pro stuff.

Apple wants to create a future for which it is not ready

completely mind-blowing rates

we thought we had seen it all in terms of price, but these Macbook Pro have really cooled everyone, including the most fanatical Apple. Rates are simply surrealists . It takes 1699 euros for a model 13 classic inches, without the main novelty, the Touch Bar. A completely prohibitive price. And, at this price, the machine displays a unworthy configuration for professional use.

To qualify for a Macbook Pro takes at least 1999 euros. This is the minimum configuration with the Touch Bar. And if you want a product worthy of a professional use (attention isn’t the fitters and developers), then it will take 2699 euros for the Macbook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar.

impots apple

this pricing policy is simply mind-blowing, view all. So point everyone wonders about the future of the PC at Apple. The firm seeking to put an end to these machines to only offer than tablets and smartphones to the general public? And book computer professionals who need on a daily basis? The question deserves to be asked and takes more and more sense. In fact Steve Jobs had not hidden my wish to kill the computer as we knew before leave us.

MacBook Pro 2016: sold without cord, needed an adapter to plug the iPhone

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