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author: Jürgen (jdo)

who want to equip a USB stick or an SD card with LibreELEC, can now the LibreELEC USB SD creator v1. 2 use. This is the latest version of the tool, which simplifies the life of the multimedia friend.

LibreELEC USB SD creator v1. 2 brings initial support for right to left languages with it. More precisely it is Farsi (Persian) and Hebrew. There are translations in Lithuanian and Spanish (Asturian).

continues to have the developer entered various fixes. These include improvements when writing mmc devices, for use behind a proxy server and so on.

LibreELEC USB-SD Creator

LibreELEC USB SD creator

the team behind the project is very satisfied how the tool arrives and is accepted. The statistics point upwards and the feedback has been very positive. The LibreELEC USB SD creator helps according to own statements to advance the installation figures of the project.

with the helper can download the dumps for raspberry PI and write directly to the SD card. This is quite handy. The current version is available in the download of the project page . There are available versions for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Nice PI-constellation

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