I have a dual-SIM smartphone but I only use a number

“a dual-SIM smartphone is doubly useful, because it allows you to take advantage of the offers of different operators or simply use two phone numbers, one for work and a staff, for example, on the same smartphone.» I understand the principle of a dual-SIM smartphone, but I have more trouble with the practice. Here’s why I own a dual-SIM smartphone, but uses only a single number.

different types of dual-SIM

I lied to myself for years. The first sentence of the article, it is not a quote from a great philosopher Android, but of a phrase I’ve heard come out of my mouth several times. I remain convinced that the dual-SIM smartphones are very useful, but I still can’t turn theory into practice.

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who really uses the dual-SIM smartphone? © ANDROIDPIT

before you buy a dual-SIM smartphone, and if this feature in particular pushes you to buy one, learn well about technology that it contains, as there are different types of dual-SIM phones: DSDS and FAS.

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what are these different slots? © ANDROIDPIT

with the Dual Sim Dual Standby (DSDS), the two SIM cards work at the same time until receiving a call on one of the numbers. When one of the SIM is busy, the other is automatically paused, and so becomes inaccessible.

The Dual Sim Full Active (FAS), allows the two SIM to continue to operate at the same time at any time through the use of two modules transceivers instead of one. Last generation smartphones now include all this technology.

Also do not forget to inform you about the hardware, because the location dedicated to the two SIM can coincide with the one dedicated to the memory card. Many smartphones dual-SIM currently on the market allow you to use a second SIM card only if you abandon the use of a microSD card. However, some models of smartphones, such as the Honor 5 X, provide a slot for external memory, which allows to renounce anything.

Dual-SIM or extension of the memory?

Here is the dilemma that I meet. On my Honor 7, it is impossible to use a second SIM card if the slot for the microSD card is used. How can I give up the space offered by a microSD card when my smartphone has only 10 GB internal memory? Of course, the use of a second SIM card would allow me to take advantage of the offers of a second operator, so, for example, to get more GB of internet, or to use ChatSIM in order to communicate with friends around the world. But in practice, I find myself with a unusable smartphone, which notifies me constantly of the lack of available memory.

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Sim or microSD: that is the question. © ANDROIDPIT

here’s what I tested. My SIM card allows me to call and send SMS unlimited, but the data plan is insufficient. After doing research, I discovered that a German operator was offering a package of 5 GB data for about 10 euros per month. I could then enjoy the feature dual-SIM from my phone. But I’ve held for two weeks with two SIM cards, and in disabled one in order to recover the microSD card slot, mainly because I had more space to record pictures.

A necessity more than a luxury

in the end, I think that I had the wrong approach. I bought the 7 Honor without real need of the dual-SIM function, but as an option, if ever I would use it one day. But I think that it will be extremely useful during my next trip abroad, because it will allow me to insert a ChatSIM card and use WhatsApp for free.

Those who every day using two smartphones different (personal and work) will find this must-have technology, but it is important to be well informed beforehand about the characteristics of these smartphones in order to enjoy the most of their opportunities and offers available.

Article translated from Daria Lombardi for AndroidPIT.it

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