Huawei P10: release date, price, features

Huawei has aims to become the manufacturer no. 1. He said want to spend ahead of Apple in the next two years and defeat the Korean giant later. Huawei P9 was a good feature, the alliance with Leica a good strategy, but it will take more to take the lead. Huawei P10 will be up? Last date rumors: a fingerprint on the front of the unit reader ( details ) and a double camera program ( details ).

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Huawei P10: design and finish

the Huawei P9 is a stylish smartphone, thanks to aluminum. We do not know yet if Huawei will resume the same style for its future flagship, but I am convinced that it will surprise us.

Huawei maintains good relationships with equipment manufacturers. For the production of P9, he worked with the famous manufacturer Leica, and for the 9 Mate he had placed an exclusive design by the name of Porsche Design. So we have high expectations with this new device, and it is likely that they will be filled.

Androidpit Mate 9 porsche 37
Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9. © AndroidPIT

apparently, the device will have my fingerprints on the front and either drive on the back as was the case with P9. The influence of the iPhone may push the Chinese manufacturer to choose this strategy? The scanner at the back has a big disadvantage: you have to take the phone in hand to unlock. If it is placed on a table, for example, it is easier to put the finger on it directly.

Huawei P10: specifications

the first device information come from GFXbench, where he wears the number of model LON – L29. P9 is EVA – L09 models, EVA L19 and EVA – L29, so it is likely whether it here indeed Huawei P10. So what does this screenshot of the benchmark? Several improvements are on the program.

The screen diagonal increased slightly, we now have a size of 5.5 inches. The definition, on the other hand, has increased considerably since we have the definition Full-HD (1080 x 1920) to a definition QHD (1440 x 2560) P9 on the P10.

The processor will emerge from the House, IE the branch of years. It is of course of new generation Kirin, more exactly the processor octacore Kirin 960, accompanied by the Mali-G71 graphics chip (SoC: years Hi3660). RAM has increased, we find now no less than 6 GB of RAM. As you can see, the numbers are more big and internal memory is no exception to the rule since we have 256 GB, but it is likely that several options are possible at this level.

After this test, we can see OpenGL ES 3.2 but can hope that the final model of the device will use the last version developed by Google: Vulkan .

Huawei P10 gfxbench leak november 2016
a better definition for the screen. © GFXBench

Huawei P10: camera

we should find a dual camera, like the P9 and Mate 9. Of after the screenshot, it is a goal of 12 megapixels to the rear and 8 on the front. A new rumor is also in this sense, showing back unit and its two objectives in the upper corner.

For the moment, we have no information about opening or the presence of an optical image stabilizer.

huawei p10 image leak
here is the device and its double camera. © Weibo

Huawei P10: release date and price

Although no rumor has tackled the subject, it is very likely that the device will be presented next April, at the beginning of the month. The price of marketing in France/Europe will certainly be close to 700 euros, like Mate 9.

What do you expect with this P10 Huawei?

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