Huawei Mate 9: without real competitor in Europe, it can only hit

the Huawei Mate 9 was announced yesterday and already became one best phablets Android from 2016, maybe even the only in some markets such as Europe. I must say that sometimes a little context since the Galaxy Note 7 comes to be removed from the sale. As for other smartphones more of 5.5 inches to match the 9 Mate, they remain reserved to Asia and the USA.


best price:

the only really high phablette of range of 2016

we will not return to the countless advantages of the Huawei Mate 9 yesterday presented in Munich. Monster power thanks to its Kirin 960 processor, it already ranks as a promising photophone with my double sensor of 20 + 12 megapixel co-developed in partnership with Leica and my big 4000 mAh battery should place it among the best on the side of independence.

Of course, powerful smartphones offering a photo sensor at the top and good battery life, there are many, this year, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge . Some meet only one or two of these three criteria, others shine at all levels, but anyway, most of them offer a smaller or equal to 5.5 inch screens.

This is including the case of the Galaxy S7 Edge, OnePlus 3 or the ZTE Axon 7. But if you are looking for a smartphone more 5.5 inches offering a technical sheet really high-end and marketed in Europe, you might not find large thing to put you in the tooth as the Huawei Mate 9 is the only one to bring together these qualities .

Huawei Mate 9: grip video of the pretender to the throne of phablets

because the Galaxy Note 7 is more

if Asian markets and in the USA, the consumer has several options at its disposal, in Europe, the Galaxy Note 7 was the most obvious choice for any consumer wanting to acquire a premium of more than 5.5 inches smartphone but since it was removed from sale What’s left? The Huawei Mate 9 and that, it should not escape phablets lovers. The new Chinese monster could even become the ideal alternative to the Galaxy notes 7 , and for good reason.

The Galaxy rating 5 is not out with us, the Note 4 who used to regularly change of smartphone users naturally expected the Note 7 which now is out of competition. Among those who wish at all costs to keep a large screen, some will perhaps wait Note 8 but others will probably not want to wait a year more.

Those who had bought the Note 4 at its output with grant by subscribing to a package arrived at the end of their two-year commitment, so they are now able to afford a smartphone brand new without making Blaze their bank simply account in recommitted themselves again. Only here, now that the Note 7 is no longer sold, how many left high range phablets in the shops of the operators? One, Mate 9.

If more because it is the only of its kind offered in Europe, all its assets as the double photo sensor or autonomy, then added, it quickly became the ideal choice.

Europe, a particular market

in contrast to the USA and especially China where manufacturers do not hesitate to offer smartphones XXL, in Europe, they are still quite chilly. In the same way that last year, Samsung has decided to boycott this market leaving not my Galaxy Note 5 at us, LG did exactly the same thing with its V10 LG and LG V20 will be released probably not in Europe. Yet, with its large-format of 5.7 inches and my double photo sensor, it could represent a strong competitor.

Eventually even more likely this year as last year, Samsung proposed all the same phablet Europe, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Google the Nexus 6 p also designed by Huawei. This year, the Pixel XL is the largest smartphone offered by Google. However its size does not exceed 5.5 inches, and besides, it is not available in France.

For its part, Xiaomi sells its smartphones exclusively in China and in some markets limited. So, in Europe, Xiaomi 5s Mi and Mi Note 2 which offer both a large 5.7 inches format cannot be considered direct competitors. And it’s also too bad for the mid Note 2 proposed in a version compatible with all 4G frequencies used at home, which is quite exceptional with mobile phones of this brand.

In a sense, Huawei has demonstrated very bold with my Mate in Europe range while some builders are still reluctant to offer more smartphones to 5.5 inches in this market. A boldness who should pay, because now that Note 7 is over, the Mate 9 has no direct competitors in Europe and so it can only hit.

Huawei Mate 9: release date, price and data sheet

huawei mate 9

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